Unbelievable start-ups of 10 world famous brands

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Nokia, Samsung or Tiffany... are all leading corporations in the world, but few people know their business start-up is paper production, instant noodles and office supplies.

1. Berkshire Hathaway
Current field: Financial group
Start-up: Producing underwear for men
In the 1960s, billionaire Warren Buffet was helped by a friend to buy Berkshire Hathaway, then a men's underwear factory, for $14 million. This business field then did not bring the expected success, but it also helped billionaire Buffet collect a considerable amount of money to build the powerful financial empire Berkshire Hathaway is today.
2. Wrigley
Current field: Producing chewing gum.
Start-up: Producing soap.
William Wrigley Jr. was born in 1861 in Philadelphia (USA). His father owned a soap manufacturer. William Wrigley was in charge of sales in his father's factory. In 1891, William Wrigley Jr. founded his own company called Wrigley Jr. Company in Chicago. At first, William specialized in selling products manufactured by his father's company. In 1893, William Wrigley happened to know how to make chewing gum. This product then became very popular. Gradually William Wrigley switched to manufacturing and selling chewing gum under the name of the original product that bears his name. Wrigley's famous brand of gum is Doublemint.
3. Marriott
Current field: Hotel.
Start-up: Beer stand.
Few people know that the father of the world-famous Marriott hotel chain, J. Willard and Alice Marriott, started out with a humble 9-seat beer stall in the heart of Washington, D.C. When business was favorable, President Willard decided to open a restaurant called Hot Shoppe. It was not until 1964 that Mr. Willard noticed an increasing demand for motel rooms on US highways, while there was only one company operating in this field, Holidays Inn. Willard decided to encroach into the hotel and motel business since then.
4. Nintendo
Current field: Electronic equipment manufacturing
Start-up: Game company
Nintendo is still widely known as the oldest game company in the world. At first they were traditional Japanese games, but gradually Nintendo released Western-style games. Much later, in 1989, the company moved into electronics manufacturing.
5. American Express
Current field: Financial services
Start-up: Express delivery
Started as a fast freight company by… horses, in the 1880s, when a wave of immigrants from Europe to America broke out, these new settlers needed a service to transfer money back to their families. home, and American Express quickly expanded into financial markets to cater to this need. In 1958, American Express once again changed the traditional way of paying for consumers, with the invention of the American Express payment card.
6. Samsung
Current field: Electronic manufacturing
Start-up: Producing instant noodles and shipping goods
Before becoming the world's leading manufacturer of electronic devices such as phones, cameras, and TVs, few people know that Samsung's first start-up was to transport Korean clean vegetables and dried fish to Beijing. In addition, Samsung Sanghoe company that day also had its own brand of instant noodles.
7. Nascar
Current field: The most prestigious racing tournament in the US
Start-up: A gathering place for car grinders
Starting out as just an entertainment movement of the Southeast American region, Nascar has gradually grown and become the second most important professional sports event in the US. Every season that takes place is broadcast live on television. However, it was not until 1996-1998 that this prestigious race was extended to Japan and Australia. Currently, Nascar's offices have appeared in many big cities such as: Charlotte, Mooresville, Concord, Conover, New York, Los Angeles, Arkansas, Mexico, Toronto.
8. Avon
Current field: Manufacturing cosmetics
Start-up: Selling books
David McConnell, the founder of Avon, was originally a book salesman. In order to increase sales, he gave each female customer who bought the book a small bottle of perfume that he extracted himself. Realizing that most of these customers preferred perfume over books, he decided to start his own company, and then, Avon cosmetics was born.
9. Tiffany
Current field: High-end jewelry
Start a business: Store selling office equipment
In 1837, a shop selling office equipment named Tiffany was established in New York. The store's profits grew steadily, but owner Charles Lewis Tiffany found that the item with the most sales spike was diamond rings. From there, he decided to open his own store specializing in selling high-end jewelry.
10. Nokia
Current field: Phone manufacturing
Start-up: Paper production
Nokia started as a paper company. In 1865, mining engineer Fredrik Idestam founded a wood pulp mill next to the Tammerkoski waterfall in southwestern Finland. A few years later, he opened a second factory on the banks of the Nokianvirta river. This is also the inspiration for Fredrik to name the company Nokia later. The paper business was favorable, Fredrik decided to buy another rubber factory and a factory to manufacture telephone and telegraph cables… The Nokia-branded phones were born here.


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