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Entering an interview, you are often overwhelmed by fear, even though you have prepared everything, you are still not confident enough to face the interviewer. You feel nervous and ask yourself questions that put extra pressure on yourself, making the interview not as expected. To avoid this situation, you can refer to the following 4 most common employer styles to know how to deal with them.

Investigative interview style

In this case, the employer will ask a lot of questions and need authentic proof for each information shown on the job application. Qualifications, skills, career paths or how candidates behave on social media… recruiters want to check them all! Do you feel confused and uncomfortable in expressing yourself? And what is the wisest response in this situation?

First, it is necessary to pay attention to listen to each question of the employer and give a full answer, to the point. When analyzing the questions, you will at the same time see what the company needs, what values the company expects from the candidate, thereby expressing yourself perfectly and outstanding.

For example, the requirement is to provide specific information about the projects you have taken on, so what the company expects from the candidate is nothing more than problem solving skills and initiative. work improvement. One more thing to note in recruiters with a tendency to "investigate" is that they may ask you to operate directly on machines and equipment to test the skills listed in the job application. Anticipate these situations, practice manipulation in advance to become impressive in front of the employer.

Intimidation interview style

For individuals who have worked for a long time in a professional environment, it is quite common to forget the difficulties and surprises of "newbies". This mentality also applies to a part of recruiters; they will twist, asking candidates when interviewing to show outstanding skills and demonstrate competence suitable for the position they are applying for. These recruiters make candidates feel like they are being "intimidated" "! This is also a common interview style, so stay calm when faced with this situation. Try to show your professional knowledge as well as experience, what strengths you can interact with, and innovate the company in an impressive way. If the above factors are still not convincing enough, CareerBuilder.vn suggests that you should express your determination to develop your career here to the employer and give reasons why you rate the business as one of the "hands on" race” to lead the market.

Superficial interview style

Have you ever been in a situation where you met a recruiter where he/she didn't plan to interview you in advance? They just drop by to attend and sometimes it's you who takes the initiative in the interview! Those are the recruiters with superficial style!

Cool interview style

Facing a cold, apathetic employer, you will find it quite difficult to guess their thoughts, and your confidence level will also decrease markedly if there is no prior psychological preparation.

When asked a question, inertial people will tend to answer what they think the other person wants to hear. However, in this interview scenario, it's best to never go down the wrong path. Even if you are repeatedly responded with apathy and emotionlessness, always maintain an impression by demonstrating your wealth of knowledge as well as the breadth of experience you have accumulated from the job. before.

Besides, the interview is a reciprocal behavior so don't just stereotype answer all the questions. Ask your questions about the company, ask about how the employer feels about working in this environment or the highest level of promotion you can achieve starting from your current position. Asking the opposite question not only shows a dynamic image but also evokes sharing and empathy from the employer, helping you score points for the interview.

It may come as a surprise to you that your image of the interviewer is disrupted because of the other person's lack of preparation, but in any case don't let embarrassment affect the whole process. Get back on your feet quickly because when the employer is unclear about the information, they will also ask you a series of questions. This can be considered as an advantage to help you “market” yourself! Use words intelligently, bring out your strengths, and how to overcome your weaknesses to make a strong impression on the employer. Opportunities don't come twice, take advantage of every opportunity to seize success today!

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