39 years old unemployed with no place to stay, I was "beaten": Young people choosing to live leisurely is really a disaster!

39 years old unemployed with no place to live, I "taken a beating": Young people choosing to live leisurely is really a disaster!
Intellectual inertia is really worrying, it makes you like a pile of scrap metal that other people just want to throw away but don't want to touch.

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For many middle-aged people, unemployment is an extremely scary thing, even a once-in-a-lifetime danger, so what's the scary point here?

One is age, the pain of unemployment for young people is often insignificant, but for middle-aged people, it is different, because age is a fatal cause that makes it difficult for them to find work and livelihood. new.

The second is economic pressure. The reason middle-aged people are afraid of unemployment is because the pressure of real life is too great, they can hardly bear that tormenting feeling. The reason I want to talk about this is because I heard a story about a friend.

He was born in 81, is now a father of 2 children, about to turn 40. Last November he was unemployed, so far it has been more than two months. He scattered his CV everywhere and waited, but the more he waited, the more he disappeared. Occasionally, recruiters answer and call him for an interview, but both sides are not satisfied. He is not satisfied with the job, the employer is not satisfied with him.

Summarizing the reasons, he could only sigh and lament: "Before, I lived peacefully, lived too leisurely, now I have to taste bitterness."

Although I don't know how he's lived these past few years, the words he summed up I quite agree with: "The person who lives too much leisurely is really a tribulation".

39 years old unemployed with no place to live, I was beaten: Young people choosing to live leisurely is really a disaster! - Photo 1.


People, once they are too idle, are considered "open".

Surely all of us know that: a lot of things if not used for a long time, leaving a corner may be damaged or even unusable.

For example, metal products that are not used for a long time will rust, or electronic products that have not been used for a long time will become difficult to use or even unusable. And so are we humans. Idle for too long, the thinking mind is like a knife that has not been used for a long time, rusted and dull.

If we live idle for too long, fearfully idle, neither our health, nor even our cognitive thinking will be as agile anymore.

The first is ability, a lot of people in the workplace only have seniority but no capacity, very simply because they live too leisurely. Faced with difficult problems, they only know how to go around, never force themselves to grow up. Working for 10 years but still only have 1 year of experience in hand. Many people fail, cut off their burden in the middle of the road just because of that.

Next is willpower. In The Art of War, Sun Tzu said: "When you beat the drum for the first time, the soldiers will be enthusiastic; the second time, their enthusiasm will decrease; the third time, they will lose their enthusiasm".

Sometimes, if you want to do something, you have to do it continuously, without interruption. Because if you are lazy, the longer you delay, the easier it is to lose your will and passion.

When we stay idle for too long, it will make us increasingly lazy and it will be difficult to regain the original enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Many people in the workplace also suffer a lot because of this.

Finally, the cognitive level. People who live too leisurely will often fall into trashy amusements, it is difficult to grow up in a high-quality way, and the level of cognitive thinking is also difficult to improve.

And that end will put us in a state of poor perception, what our eyes see, our ears hear and our heads think are not enough to help us reach the higher levels of perception. awake. If you keep living like this, it's really worrisome.

Worrying is because too much idleness only makes you grow physically but not intellectually. But the reality of life is that you don't need to grow physically but definitely develop your mind and intellect to be able to survive in this tough and fierce life.

Intellectual inertia is really worrying, it makes you like a pile of scrap metal that other people just want to throw away but don't want to touch.

39 years old unemployed with no place to live, I was beaten: Young people choosing to live leisurely is really a disaster! - Photo 2.

Instead of being idle, let's be busy because being busy can eliminate a lot of afflictions

Of course, people can't live without leisure, appropriately idle is essential, being able to live a little leisurely is also a kind of blessing and bravery. What I want to say here is that we must not live too leisurely, because living too leisurely will be a disaster.

However, being too busy is not good, it will cause us to miss or lose a lot of things. But being busy helps us forget a lot of troubles and unhappiness in life.

There are many ways to go, many jobs to come

If we can stop complaining about the unfair world or difficult life, spend our time and effort on righteous things, make us busier at work and begin to grow up in life. You will be surprised to discover that many of the previous afflictions no longer appear, and the ambiguities and miseries of the past have also disappeared.

There's a lot to go on, there's a lot of work to do. There are many difficulties and deadlocks in life, as long as you take action, if you are busy, there will be a way, there will be opportunities to change.

Busy helps us forget suffering

A lot of suffering in life is self-inflated. The more tormented and tormented, the easier it is to sink deeper, the easier it is to suffer. In a very practical way, being busy helps us to distract our attention, keeps us from getting too deep into disturbing things, helps us to forget suffering. That is very realistic.

Being busy helps us not to make ourselves tasteless

Tasteless and idle often as pictured with shadow. A person who likes to gossip and talk, with his tongue lying around, is often because he is too idle, idle gives birth, and idles lives.

Like the reality of the office that we often see, a lot of people are free, gossiping everywhere, can put their mouth anywhere, making others feel uncomfortable and just want to stay away.

Being busy helps us not to make ourselves tasteless, which is why it keeps us away from a lot of trouble and trouble.

People in life are too busy or too leisurely, neither is it good. If busy and idle are 10 parts, then busy 7 parts and idle 3 parts is the best. If you need to work, work, need rest, that's life.

Especially when you are young, you should let yourself be a little busy, don't live too leisurely, because living too leisurely is really a disaster. Living too leisurely is that you are holding a knife to kill your own future. Young people, please remember carefully.

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