4 great ways to post attractive job ads

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Job posting plays a very important part in whether you find good employees or not? Are the criteria and requirements that your company offers realistic or attract many good candidates? This article will suggest you these 4 tips that will make your job posting more attractive and attract more talent.

1. Make the title catchy

Take the following job posting for a customer service officer position as an example. The title alone: “Get a job as a customer service rep!” Just enough to attract attention. Compared to the title of another business "Recruiting customer service staff", you can also judge for yourself which business will have many applicants.

2. Why should I apply for this position?

Your post will be much more engaging if it describes what the candidate will gain from this job in the future, rather than mentioning what they have achieved in the past. The skills and experience requirements are important, but be sure to describe the special benefits they enjoy in addition to the specific responsibilities of the job.

Nardone's ad also has a humorous element: "Staff here can dress as they like and listen to the radio all day long"…

3. The content is witty, lively

The short, curious content of a Customer Care staff job advertisement: “The lottery will be held tomorrow. Please send us your profile to register to attend. We hope you win the opportunity to work with our esteemed clients who need your help to take full advantage of our online training center. …”

4. Information needed in job postings


  • Company Information: Be clear when you describe the company's information: website address, how many years in business, company size, how many employees, etc. This will increase credibility. in the heart of the candidate.
  •  Start with the job description: Be honest, describe the job in detail so they know exactly what job they're about to apply for. Being honest about your job may discourage many people from applying, but those who have already applied will be more likely to stay with your organization for a long time.
  •  Provide a geographical location for the job: When you provide a specific address for the position you are applying for, we can add an opportunity when the job information appears on the search results on the map. candidate's map.
  •  Split the requirements for a position into two parts: First, cover the basic requirements of the vacancy, and then the other requirements or skills section “prioritize candidates with skills in… ”
  •  Highlight the benefits of the job: To make it easier to deal with candidates, be sure to capitalize on anything that represents your company's competition.
  •  Show salary information: This makes job-seekers relevant and encourages them to respond to your listing.
  • Tag keywords related to the job as much as possible, because usually candidates find jobs using keywords: location, industry, level, level.. The more keywords, the more likely they appear. Job postings get bigger each time a candidate looks for a job.
  • Keep track of candidates' applications: this means you're grateful for their interest in your company.

To attract talent into our business, we should fully implement the above methods, and if we want to make recruitment easier, we should choose a reputable intermediary company to help them. Talent search is faster and more perfect.
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