7 tips for writing about experience in CV

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The work experience section of your CV is where you showcase your professional experience. It needs to be precise, highlight your accomplishments, and include relevant points to prove you're the right person for the job.

But this can be hard to perfect. After all, what does the hiring manager really want in this section? Don't worry, we explain our seven tips for writing the experience section of your CV below.
1. Create balance
List your previous jobs in chronological order with the most recent first. If there are some similarities between your old company and the new company you are applying for, it is worth providing information about their similarities. This can let the hiring manager know that you have the skills for the job and is important if your current company is not well known.
This could mean, for example, that your previous employer worked with many clients in the media industry, if you know this is an important source of clients for the company you're signing up for.

2. Be realistic
All aspects of your CV, including business dates, must be accurate. If you have a period of inactivity and are worried about how to specify it, you can enter days by month or even year, instead of specific date.

For jobs that are many years old, or if you have several jobs in a relatively short period of time, you can group these jobs, for example, '2001-2003 seasonal work in retail industry.

3. Prove you have what they want
Research the job details and individual specialties for the type of job you want. Then, for each job in your experience section, use bullet points to illustrate that you have exactly the skills and expertise they want their employees to have.

Remember to be specific. If they want sales experience, then specify how many clients you have had contact with, the types of responsibilities you have, and give an example to demonstrate your skills.

4. Voluntary work has value
When you have limited work experience or are looking to make a complete career change, experience other than paid employment can show your capabilities. This could include unpaid work placements, community activities, such as working with a charity or being a student representative for your course.

Employers will respond positively to reading about any extracurricular activities you participate in, especially if it demonstrates energy and community spirit, because these are exactly the behaviors they want in an employee. its member.

5. Mark your achievements
Many job hunters write their CV as a job description. They faithfully list the duties they perform and their responsibilities. However, they do not demonstrate the positive impact of teamwork or contribution to the organization as a whole.

Make sure you don't make this mistake by using the achievement report instead.

6. Use positive language
Choose your words carefully to reflect that you are a productive, capable employee. Use positive action words, such as “excellent,” “initiated,” and ‘accelerated’ to demonstrate the caliber and speed at which you are working.

Never include any implicit criticism of previous work. If you mention difficult challenges, explain how you helped overcome them or eliminated them altogether.

7. Focus on your strengths
If you are looking for a job that differs from your previous work experience, then instead of using the title “Career History” and listing your jobs chronologically, try using “key skills and experience”. This will give you the flexibility to draw attention to the most relevant career experiences you already have.

You will still need to include a short employment history with specific dates, but this can be carried over to a second page. The goal is to convince the employer that you're a great candidate from the very first page. This approach also works well for those with noticeable gaps in their employment history.

by Corinne Mills



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