Four common mistakes that can ruin your chances at a job interview

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These are the four most common mistakes people make in a job interview.

You are preparing for a job interview, the chances of getting a new job will be higher if you know how to make a good impression on the employer.
When it comes to the interview, even though you have prepared a lot of things such as qualifications, qualifications, enthusiasm and tried your best to make a good impression on the recruiters, but in the end you still don't get accepted, you may have make one of four common mistakes: failure of opinion, narcissism, arrogance, and modest boasting.
To avoid four common mistakes when trying to make a positive impression, let's take a look at them one by one to understand why they're keeping you down.

1. Lack of perspective
First, this can cause the interviewer to misjudge you. For example, it's very common to mention success in a job interview, and there's nothing wrong with that, of course. But candidates may have underestimated the importance of being right about their success.
Research shows that people tend to explain their success by emphasizing their own talents and abilities, because they think interviewers will appreciate their competence when they do.

When applying the interviewer's point of view, it becomes clear that they are not only interested in hiring a competent employee, but also in having a likable employee. In order to ensure the likes of former employees - as well as demonstrate the candidate's ability to work, candidates should now adopt a different strategy. Instead of talking about their talents and abilities, they should focus on how hard work and efforts create success. This will make the employer feel that this candidate is not only competent but can be easily liked, which will increase the chances of getting hired.

2. Pride
When one hears the word “pride,” one might think of people who are extremely vain and conceited. But in fact, each of us may have a little of that trait. Pride can even manifest in feeling superior to the interviewer, leading to arrogant and repulsive behavior.
Therefore, it is important to suppress the small pride in all of us when interviewing for a job. Remember that interviewers are looking for a confident employee, not because one believes they are superior to everyone else, including the interviewer.

3. Insolence
Candidates can reduce their chances during an interview if they show arrogance. This is often seen in how they compare themselves to others in a way that benefits themselves. For example, an interviewee might say that they were the best sales manager at their previous job or better than their former colleagues.
Even if that statement is true and presents yourself as competent, it can cost you a new job. This happens because when candidates compare themselves to others, employers may feel personally attacked for thinking that this candidate will eventually compare to them. Such fear will make the employer less willing to work with you

4. Humility
Humility is when you brag about yourself in a discreet way. For example, to answer the classic question, “What is your weakness?” Candidates often say, “In my current job, I struggle with being busy because people always come to me for advice,” or “I am a perfectionist.”
But this strategy will backfire. Interviewers can often see through this tactic. Not only do candidates appear conceited because of bragging, but they also appear dishonest when trying to disguise bragging. Therefore, this strategy is difficult to succeed.

Taken together, as an interviewee, you should remember that it is very important to not only impress the interviewer, but also establish a rapport with them. To achieve this, it is helpful to: a) look at yourself from the interviewer and remember that they are looking for a fully qualified employee, b) avoid appearing superior, c) avoid comparisons. compare with others and d) be honest about your strengths and weaknesses.
By ignoring these common mistakes to make a good impression on the next interviewer, you are likely to become a potential employee.

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