What is corporate photography?

Corporate photography is a common name for images used for communication and marketing for activities of legal entities in general and especially for businesses in particular. This type of photography can be used by any legal entity, large or small, business or non-business.
Corporate photography is not advertising photography. Advertising images are used to sell products and services. And business photos serve to build and enhance the name of the company, the brand and have a style close to magazine photos.
In corporate photography, the most popular is the business portrait, headshot. Conferences, corporate events, spaces inside and outside the office, as well as employee activities are also common themes. In addition, business photos also include community activities, sponsorship and humanitarian activities of the organization.
These images can be used on the organization's website and social media, in public relations, annual reports, brochures, business cards, newsletters, and press releases.

Are business photos expensive? Yes and no.
It is much more expensive than card photography. Quite expensive compared to normal family photography. Hiring an event photographer is more expensive than having nothing to post on a website or social media.
But remember that corporate photography is not about how much you spend. The goal here is to have good images that help the company build its reputation. Invoices cannot help with this.
Hire a photographer who can take pictures you're proud to use, photos that not only show who you are, but also your worth. Hire a photographer to make your business story stand out. Hire a photographer who understands that images are a valuable tool for a company's marketing.
The cost of business photos used for marketing is always cheaper than the cost of no photos at all.

(Translated from Lines of Sight – timestudio.vn)