Should Entrepreneurs Use iPads?

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Any businessman dreams of an iPad, or an iPad pro that can replace a bulky and heavy laptop. So can the iPad really replace the laptop in our daily work?

The answer will really depend on what your purpose and daily work on the internet is!


If your work belongs to the following groups, you can rest assured, the ipad can completely help you in your daily work.

1. You invest in the right accessories: With the current ipadOS operating system, Apple has expanded a lot for peripheral devices including mouse, keyboard and apple pencil as well as data export solutions via usb port. -C, but of course, it requires a ton of accessories as listed above. Because basically the original iPad is no different from a touch screen.

2. Professional work already taken by your staff. Of course, if you edit the image file to increase or decrease the color, sign a document or fix some errors in the excel word file. IPad does it very easily, but if you are more specialized, for example, you need to access a pivot table or format a table, edit lengthy content with a complex structure, the iPad is not born for this.

3. You have to make a lot of presentations as well as take notes with pictures and handwritten notes. This is a great device for this, but only with the apple pencil. With Apple's magic pencil, take notes as if you were writing on a piece of paper, then quickly output to USB-C and other HDMI devices with ease. Not to mention the power point on iPad as well as Keynote is great for us to impress customers in an absolute way.

4. You travel more at the Office. The iPad is compact and doesn't have to be scrutinized like a laptop when carried on a plane or easily in a briefcase or even in the hand without a problem. It also helps you capture and save invoice documents quickly instead of having to store many documents. In addition, as mentioned above, you can sign it electronically and quickly transfer it to the accountant for quick contract approval.

5. Combination of entertainment and employment. It's great to hold presentations in the morning, play games or surf the web at night, not a minus point for this device


1. You have specialized software to use on windows and only you can access. Unless you know how to use remote dektop on your home computer, forget about your iPad

2. You can't adapt quickly to gestures and minimalism on ipadOS. Almost using the mouse is very cumbersome and switching apps is also very time consuming to learn.

3. You are better at typing VNI than Telex. The sad news is that the virtual keyboard has the function of typing VNI, but until now, the separate keyboard still only supports telex.

Here are some points about whether you should use an iPad instead of a laptop, let me know what you think.

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