Taking a company profile photo is the impression from the first images is one of the important factors determining the cooperation between businesses and attracting the attention of customers. Therefore, business profile photos. Professional is an essential way to promote a professional image and build a brand.

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Over 04 years of experience in the field of Corporate Profile Photography JAYbranding is honored to be a corporate image partner for many reputable businesses in many fields such as: Finance, banking, insurance, human resources, construction Construction, real estate, health, F&B, etc. Some typical businesses include: Nivea, UOB, Caravelle Hotel, Hoa Binh Construction Group, Vietbank, Dat Xanh Group, Liberty, Mirae Asset, Manpower, FE Credit, Lien A, DKSH, Backer McKenzie…

What is a company profile photo?

Business profile is the common name for images used for communication and marketing activities of legal entities in general and especially businesses in particular. Business profiles are not promotional photos. While promotional photos are used to sell products and services, business photos serve to build and enhance the company's name, brand and brand. JAYbranding also carefully prepares proposals for customers in the form of PPTX

5 Benefits of taking company profile photos

  • Impress with professional and quality images.
  • Attract the cooperation of businesses and customers.
  • Clearly show the capacity and size of the business.
  • Promote image and build brand.
  • Bring trust and sympathy to the business.

why choose jaybranding?


With the advantage of being a production house with many years of experience, JAYbranding will support free consultation on appropriate service packages according to the requirements of businesses and brands.


The factor to choose JAYbranding comes from the specificity of the service, with experience working with CEOs, General Directors... we always make sure the project goes smoothly for the business.


Complete, hand over all original photos and retouch photos quickly within 3 working days.


All images are stored in the cloud. You can easily access and copy the original file (with image size up to several hundred MB).



2.5MIL/01 PACK (05 Photos)
  • 01 maximum BOD capture package for 01 Director.
  • 01 shooting package includes 05 photos.
  • Taken at the company office or studio (plain/dark background or office background).
  • Retouch premium photos.
  • Photographer has experience in collaborating with many BOD profile photography projects.
  • Stylist is in charge of arranging costumes, coordinating and posing.
  • Makeup for BOD matches the outfit style.
  • Complete, hand over all original photos and retouch photos quickly within 3 working days.


ONLY FROM 2MIL/01 Package
  • Take an overall shot of the building/headquarters/works.
  • Capture facilities.
  • Take an overview of the departments.
  • Retouch images with desired outcome and standard quality.
  • Complete, hand over all original photos and retouch photos quickly within 3 working days.


  • 01 employee photography package (Applicable to groups of employees, minimum from 15 employees)
  • 01 retouch photo for 01 employee.
  • Includes lighting equipment and backdrops.
  • Take a personal portrait #1: Vest + Uniform shirt.
  • Personal portrait #2: Uniform shirt.

Step 1: Free consultation

A consultant at JAY will contact you as soon as you leave your request and information about the time and number of people taking photos. Quote within 2 hours. Please email directly to [email protected]

Step 2: Provide information about suitable packages 

The sales and editorial team will logically exploit information from customers to reach an agreement on the number and type of shots.

Step 3: Send quotation according to customer needs & Agreement – sign contract

After receiving, exploiting information, making preliminary ideas, the quotation will be sent to customers within 1 day. The contract is quickly signed with the agreement of both parties. And build shooting scenario 

Step 4: Take a photo

With JAYstudio, you don't have to worry and waste time taking photos in the studio or at the corporate office. Anywhere JAYstudio can always guarantee the quality. The pre-built script will make the shooting happen quickly and in a reasonable time.

Step 5: Edit images and hand over

Images are sent to the customer and received back in the form of a code. Editing time within 3 working days. The advantage of JAYstudio is to edit until the customer is most satisfied. 

The handover file will be a usb containing all the original files and edited images


Depending on the purpose of use, business profile photos will be classified into 04 different styles:

1. Take a photo of your personal profile – the company's board of directors.

2. Take profile pictures of departments – human resources.

3. Take pictures of the headquarters, works, projects, buildings or facilities.

4. Take photos of conferences, seminars, events or social activities.

1. Manage photography content more easily and limit overlapping work, helping the progress of photography to be done quickly, accurately and consistently.

2. The photography process is more effective when the scenario is detailed from the steps of setting the scene, preparing the props, costumes, etc. From there, the step-by-step orientation is carried out in a scientific and consistent manner. more consistent than taking pictures without a script.

3. Manage time well, optimize costs and ensure resources for both the Enterprise and the Ekip to implement.

Business photos serve to build and enhance the company's name, brand, and brand and have a style close to magazine photos. Therefore, these images can be used on websites and social media, annual reports, brochures, business cards, newsletters, public relations and press releases.

In cases where a model is used to take profile pictures but the customer does not have personnel, JAYbranding will have a service of searching and recommending photo samples in accordance with the criteria and requirements of the Enterprise.

It usually takes 1 hour to set up the scene, test the lighting, prepare the costumes, props and make up. The length of a shoot depends on the number of images and the complexity of the shooting scene. Before the on-set session, JAYbranding will make an estimate of the time and work progress so that customers can track and monitor the process.

In order to help the image become impressive, natural and high quality, tools and equipment are effective assistants for the shooting team during the on-set session. It can be: Camera – digital camcorder, studio lights, backdrop, tripod, photo editing software, …



Dear ,

Thank you very much for your interest in the business profile photography service at JAYbranding. The company's team has many years of experience in corporate photography, including special packages such as taking photos of the board of directors, employee profiles and corporate marketing images, etc.

We are now a reliable partner of a number of reputable companies such as Hoa Binh Group, DKSH, Mirae asset, UOB, Vietbank, FE Credit, etc.

After receiving the description of your requirements, my team has come up with a suitable proposal that includes the estimated cost and I also attached the company profile information. You can refer to more details through the documents attached in the email.

If you need advice or exchange specific information, please contact or via this email address.


Hope to hear from you soon .

Best regards,

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Dear ,

Sincerely thank you very much for choosing the professional Corporate Photography service at JAYbranding. Our team has many years of corporate photography experience, including special packages such as BOD shooting, staff profile, and business marketing photos. Our company is a trusted partner of many big companies now such as Hoa Binh Group, DKSH, Mirae asset, UOB, Vietbank, FE Credit,…

After receiving a description of your requirements, our team developed the conformity proposal, which included the quotation, and we also attached our credentials. You can take an in-depth review of these documents.

Should you have any additional concerns or need more information, please feel free to contact me at or via this email.

|| JAYbranding Credential & Portfolio:

We look forward to hearing from you.

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