What you need to know about passive candidates

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Passive candidate usually very capable candidates, usually people who already have jobs and feel satisfied with their jobs, or maybe they are self-employed, so they can be seen as good candidates. Senior staff with work experience. So, how to get them to cooperate with our company is not an easy thing.

Direct access
The passive candidate Usually, we rarely review the CV information that we have posted on job posting sites, so if we find a candidate that matches the company's requirements, we should actively contact them.
Do not send email to them because they may be very busy to check mail every day, contact them directly by calling, ask for an appointment to exchange work. When we approach them directly, it will be easier for us to exploit their information and aspirations more. And it will be much more convincing if you let them hear from insiders who are former employees in the position you are recruiting.

Take advantage of the acquaintance around
This will give you access to passive candidate more quickly, thanks to the surrounding relationships, or the colleagues, employees in the company will help them psychologically influence them more easily. They will absorb information about the organization, about the needs of the company with a sympathetic view and easily lead to consensus. In addition, asking friends and colleagues to recommend more bright candidates for the position you are recruiting also helps to reduce your search time and the cost of job postings for the business.

Give them benefits
For passive candidate, when they want to start a new job, they will immediately compare the benefits they achieve with the old company, so you need to make sure to show them what they get when they join your company. how wonderful. It could be giving them a higher salary, better benefits, more promotion opportunities…

Shouldn't be in a hurry
For passive candidate, they are people who are used to the daily rhythm of work, have little habit of wanting to change, so if you want to win their trust, it is best not to pounce on the "butcher and fisherman" style. What's the use? These people are very careful in choosing the object of communication. Take it one step at a time, slowly and surely. If you really have a heart and want them to cooperate with the company, they will feel your sincerity.

To make it easier to recruit high-quality employees, you can invest in “headhunters” companies, which will have access to people who are believed to have sufficient experience and ability. ability to match the position you want and quickly get them to do business with your company.
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