Types of employees you should absolutely not hire

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Recruitment is a rather arduous job, because the wrong recruitment will take a lot of time and effort for both parties. To avoid this case, you need to identify the following types of candidates that should not be recruited, and choose the talents that are more suitable for your company, limiting mistakes when looking for personnel.
1. Selfish person
This is the type of employee that companies and businesses should avoid because they only think about their own interests first, not caring about the common good or their colleagues. In some cases, they are willing to choose the good opportunity for themselves rather than the risk of the company.

Therefore, when interviewing, you should ask questions about teamwork situations or options... to consider how the candidate will be handled later. From there, it will be immediately assessed whether they work individually or for the group that makes a hiring decision.

2. Lazy, unrealistic people
This type of employee is quite common in many companies. When it comes to issues such as overtime, overtime, and overtime on weekends, they will show discomfort, complain, and think that they are being "exploited" for their labor. Most of these are people who have very little experience or have never worked, they have a very strong belief that there will be stable, light, high-paying jobs for them.

As someone who is unskilled, not smart but also lazy, it will be very time consuming if you recruit them to the company, because it may not take more than 3 days for them to run away, or you will have to say goodbye to them for not being able to do so. endure.

3. Power Illusionist
This case is very common among fresh graduates and even those who have worked. They are too delusional about their own abilities, as well as absolutely believe in the degrees they possess, but the practical experience is zero. Asking the company for inappropriate policies, or offering The salary is not reasonable compared to the experience as well as what I will bring to the company. Therefore, even if the candidate is a valedictorian or an international student, you should not hire this type of person.

The truth is that businesses only pay for employee contributions, never for degrees. So, when you meet this type of candidate, you should cross out your name right away so you don't have to waste time on both sides.

4. The "know-it-all"
You will easily identify this type of person, because during the interview you will often hear answers such as: "I know this", "I have done this before", "this thing" very easy for me”…they don't hear any talk about the job from you even though they are extremely inexperienced, or just finished their internship.

Finding a confident candidate is very important, but they must know who they are, where they are, humble enough to look and learn to become a good employee.

5. People often blame.
Or are irresponsible people, in the interview it may be difficult to recognize them, so you should prepare situations and questions related to their previous work to see if they are this type of person. are not.
This type of person is extremely “dangerous” for your company, because for them responsibility is a burden. They will never admit their mistakes, but always find reasons or someone to justify their mistakes

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