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What is tvc?
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What is TVC and what you need to know

What is TVC? In the field of advertising, TVC is a familiar concept, widely used to promote products and services. However, not everyone clearly understands what a TVC is and how to implement a convincing TVC. Posts

famous companies use wordpress
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Famous companies and websites use WordPress as CMS

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world and is used by millions of websites. This is due to the simplicity, ease of use and flexibility of WordPress, allowing users to create quality websites


What is Google Analytics? GA Basic User's Guide

Ever heard of Google Analytics? If your work involves online advertising then surely you will know about it. This is a powerful tool to support the operation of the website. So do you know about the properties?

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What is the difference between Onsite and Offsite SEO?

Onsite and Offsite are also known as OnPage SEO and OffPage SEO. Those are the two main components of the search engine optimization (SEO) process. For maximum exposure to search engine results and for higher rankings, you need

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What is Elementor and Why you have to use it with Wordpress?

If you have been making a WordPress Website for a while, I'm sure you will be prompted about the WordPress page builder or Page Builder. Simply put, it is a technology that helps you create pages with just drag and drop. Although in the WordPress space

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What is UTM? How to use UTM to effectively manage Marketing

UTM stands for Urchin Tracking Module – a parameter used to collect campaign data using a custom URL. UTM is roughly understood as a piece of code that you add to a URL to add information to that URL, helping marketers track the effectiveness of the URL.


What is Yoast SEO? Yoast SEO Plugin User's Guide

When it comes to SEO techniques in WordPress, we cannot talk about a very popular free plugin to help you easily optimize SEO components in your website called Yoast SEO (formerly WordPress SEO by WordPress). Yoast). Yoast



Recently, the launch of a new logo design by Xiaomi has attracted the attention of many netizens because this logo template looks at first glance no different from the old logo. It is known that the company spent about 2 million yuan (7 billion VND) to cooperate with

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How to invest in corporate image?

Enhancing the image of the business is an indispensable factor when conducting online marketing. This factor plays a big role in persuading customers, creating prestige and enhancing the stature of the business. According to many experts, corporate image


Why Facebook will not be an effective investment channel?

A few years ago, Facebook became an effective sales channel for many entrepreneurs and sellers. Facebook can be compared to a sales killer because it hits the habits of consumers. However, Facebook's effectiveness began to decline and decline


Do you need a Website to sell online?

The trend of online business is being applied by many people because it brings many benefits. With the form of online sales, we do not lose too much investment in space or marketing customers in the traditional way. Many sellers often


Where to start building a brand image?

The story of building a brand image has a lot of practical experience in the past. Each story will show you a small side of your branding process. However, as a new brand, you yourself understand that,

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Something about corporate branding

How to build and maintain a corporate brand is still a question for businesses, whether large, medium or small, whether it is a software outsourcing business, or a manufacturing enterprise. product, then

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