What is Chromium? Advantages and disadvantages of Chromium browser

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Not only in the world but in Vietnam, Chromium has become all too familiar. Chromium is basically an open source browser, if you don't know it, this is the core foundation to build on Google Chrome and many other famous browsers today like Microsoft Edge, Coc Coc.

Currently, many people know Chrome and use it as the main browser on their computer, but most do not have much knowledge about Chromium.

So What is Chromium? And what interesting features does it have that you don't know about? Let's find out in the article below.

What is Chromium concept?

Chromium is a source code browser and if you use these 2 browsers it is easy to see that Chrome and Chromium have the same features and interface, only the icon is different.

Some other browsers like Coc Coc, Bchorme, Opera All were born on the Chrome platform with Chromium open source core.

The highlight that Chromium is preferred by many users is its safety and convenience, focusing on users, preventing bad websites from affecting them.

And in Vietnam, there is a browser built by Vietnamese people Cup Cup also use this source code.

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Outstanding advantages of Chromium browser

Chromium is gifi ? Outstanding advantages of Chromium browser
Outstanding advantages of Chromium browser
  • Eye-catching interface, optimized for users without taking up a lot of system resources.
  • Google-friendly, this shouldn't be much of a discussion.
  • Surf the web extremely fast, with less space. Therefore, users can access websites very quickly even without high-speed network.
  • Security support by SandBoxing
  • Do not save security such as Passwords, Cookies, URLs, etc.
  • Safe from Viruses thanks to high security.
  • And many more features…

Certain limitations of Chromium

Although it is an open browser and is the foundation for many famous browsers today, however Chromium There are also certain unavoidable limitations that are:

  • Chromium does not display the Crash error feature like Chrome, so users have to do it manually.
  • The User Metrics feature is not supported
  • Linux distributions can disable Chromium's Sandbox, so navigate to About: Sandbox on Chromium to make sure Sandbox is enabled and working by default.
  • Using Chromium on Windows and Mac is a bit more difficult and will be a waste of time for new users.

So should you use chromium or not?

Chromium exactly a pretty good choice as it allows distros Linux only requires open source software to package a web browser that is almost like Chrome.

Linux can even use Chromium as their default browser if they want. For those who are using an open source operating system, Chromium is a great free browser choice than any other browser.

However, for some people who do not often use source software but are used to Linux, they will choose Chrome instead of Chromium because Chrome provides better Flash Player features and can support proprietary media formats that Chromium has. Can not do it.

Moreover, as updated above for those who use Windows or Mac, Chromium is not a reasonable choice.

You may or may not choose to use Chromium once you get the hang of it What is Chromium? and depending on the situation as well as your own needs to decide whether to choose to use Chromium or not?

Here are some basic knowledge for you to understand about What is Chromium? and some interesting things should about chromium. Surely you will have to dig deeper into chromium to have the best choice whether to use or not.

If there's any information you'd like to share with us about chromium, don't hesitate.

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