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Take a Personal Profile Photo

Take professional corporate profile photos at an extremely reasonable cost for you and your business. Investing in a serious image for the face of a business is something that cannot be done lightly.

You observe some businesses showing a very reputable company profile image, even though you have not had the opportunity to contact them, they also show you how they appreciate the company's corporate image, thereby creating a reputation before doing so. job.

If a set of photos is sloppy, especially the position of the business director takes pictures like a card, you will surely not be liked in the eyes of your partner because this is a good time for both wood and paint.

Our customers include diverse needs such as:

  • Investment director of the brochure advertising photo set
  • Investment personnel for the set of financial statements
  • Refresh images on the website
  • Or simply you need a beautiful image to make your company profile/representative image on social networks.

Then book JAYstudio's Professional Profile Photography service right away, to receive dedicated services:

  • Photo dedicated, professional, optimal support throughout the shoot for you.
  • Find out the best angles on the face, cover blemishes without Photoshop
  • Stylist supports posing for you.
  • Thorough post-production Photoshop brings out the beauty of the skin and face.

Please take a look at the PROFILE images that JAYstudio has made for high-end customers:


30 minutes to deliver the original photo
1000KZK /30 min/edit 5 pictures
  • General photography package for you to take photos of yearbook, portrait, basic product photography...
  • Deliver all original photos.
  • Shooting with plain background.
  • Support free men's and women's office vests
  • Surcharge: 100k/plate for the 4th plate and on.

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