What is lookbook photography?

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What is the Lookbook concept? What is a fashion lookbook?

What is lookbook photography? Lookbook is a form of visual material used in the fashion industry, showcasing new collections, including images of products and fashion styles. Lookbooks are commonly used by fashion brands, manufacturers, retailers and designers to showcase their new products and make their mark on customers.

In the fashion industry, Lookbook is an indispensable advertising tool. Lookbook can help customers easily visualize the fashion style of the product in the most authentic way. New collections introduced through Lookbook also attract customers, create shopping motivation and strengthen the position of fashion brands.

Check out the lookbook with Western models for Aulala's new collection

Why take fashion lookbook photography?

Fashion lookbook photography (what is a lookbook?) is a way to showcase your products to customers. With beautiful and quality photos, you can showcase your fashion style, motivate shopping, and attract customers. In addition, Lookbook helps you build your brand, increase your visibility and strengthen your position in the fashion industry.

Fashion lookbook photography will help you build customer awareness of your brand. This is very important in building a strong and sustainable fashion brand. If you want to build a reliable fashion brand and be loved by your customers, fashion Lookbook photography is indispensable.

Post-production of fashion photo shoot What is lookbook photography

Popular fashion lookbook shooting concepts

Commercial Concept Lookbook – studio plain font

Popular shooting for high volume products, diverse variations. The only thing to focus on is the clothes. This is the most popular concept because it is often used for popular e-commerce sites like Amazon, shopee, lazada, etc.

Concept lookbook studio with backdrops, props

To add style to the collection, props or decorations are used to highlight the concept of the collection. Usually used for the main product clothes, used with plain t-shirts.

Concept lookbook of natural scenery

Impressive concept lookbook concept

Advertising photos of fashion brands

Concept from the photo of the catwalk runway

Street style natural photography concept

Fashion lookbook photography process

In order to take beautiful and quality fashion lookbook photos, it is necessary to follow a few procedures:

Step 1: Come up with an idea

Before you start taking pictures, you need to define an idea for your Lookbook. You can choose a theme, a style or a collection to showcase.

Step 2: Choose a place and model

The location of the photo is also very important in the process of creating a beautiful lookbook. You should choose a location that matches your Lookbook idea to create impressive photos. If you want to create beautiful and quality photos, choose a location that has a large space, good lighting and suits your fashion style.

Choose to hire a model that aligns with your brand. For example, a bad boy model, a cool guy or a sexy sexy model to honor your fashion brand personality.

Step 3: Choose outfits and accessories

Outfits and accessories will style your Lookbook. You need to choose the right outfits and accessories for your lookbook ideas to create beautiful photos and show off your fashion sense. Before you start taking photos, prepare all the necessary clothes and accessories to create the best photos.

Step 4: Take a photo

Once you have an idea, choose the right location and outfit, you can start taking photos of your Lookbook. Pay attention to lighting, angle and other small details to create beautiful and quality photos. You can refer to other fashion websites to get ideas for photography and improve your photography skills.

Reference: a local fashion shop but choose the model and take good photos


What is Lookbook Photography? Fashion lookbooks are a way to showcase your products to customers. With beautiful and quality photos, you can showcase your fashion style, motivate shopping, and attract customers. By following the fashion lookbook photography process, you can build your brand, increase your visibility and strengthen your position in the fashion industry. Start brainstorming ideas for your Lookbook and take the best photos to create attraction for your customers.

Why should you choose JAYbranding as a fashion lookbook photography unit?

JAYbranding is one of the units specializing in providing professional advertising and communication solutions for fashion brands. With over ten years of experience in advertising and media, the company has helped many fashion brands successfully build their brands and promote their products.

JAYbranding has a staff of experienced and deeply knowledgeable about the fashion industry. They are always up to date with the latest fashion trends and understand the needs of their customers. This allows JAYbranding staff to advise you on ideas, outfits, accessories and photo locations to create a lookbook that matches your brand's style.

In addition, JAYbranding also owns advanced equipment and technology to create beautiful and quality Lookbook photos. The company uses modern photography equipment, combined with photo editing techniques to create beautiful and quality Lookbook photos.

Choosing JAYbranding for your fashion lookbook photography service not only helps you to create beautiful and quality photos, but also helps you to build your brand, increase your visibility and strengthen your position in the industry fashion.

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