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Hotel photography is one of the most important factors in attracting customers to your location. With the development of technology, photography not only stops at keeping memories but also becomes an important tool to promote business products.

Why choose JAYbranding as a hotel photography unit?

With the advent of JAYbranding, hotel photography has never been easier. JAYbranding is a unit specializing in providing professional photography services, especially for hotels and other accommodation locations. Our customers can be mentioned as Liberty Central Hotel, Liberty Citypoint Hotel, Liberty Riverside Hotel, Bentre Riverside, Palmier Resort Ho Tram, Crown Resort Phu Quoc and many other famous resort hotels.


With a team of professional staff and many years of experience in the field of photography, JAYbranding is committed to bringing customers the best and highest quality photos. We understand the importance of photography for your marketing campaign, so we are always ready to listen and respond to all customer requests.

In particular, with a professional and modern photography process, we will help customers create the most beautiful and impressive photos. This will make it easier for customers to capture the attention of potential customers, and at the same time enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Hotel photography process

The workflow between the photographer and the hotel for professional hotel photography includes the following steps:

  1. Discuss with the client about the specific requirements of the hotel photo set, including the number of photos, the subject, the space to take pictures, the time taken, and the cost.
  2. Thoroughly prepare for the shoot by creating a diagram, schedule, and list of essentials for the shoot.
  3. Prepare enough information to exchange with the hotel team and agree on 1 day of survey to get a satisfactory schedule.
  4. Take hotel photos with a team of professional photographers, including arranging the items and correcting the lighting to create the best photo.
  5. Select the best photos to edit and rearrange the order according to customer requirements.
  6. Browse and transfer the set of photos to the client. JAYbranding is committed to fulfilling all customer requirements and ensuring satisfaction with our professional hotel photos.

If you are looking for professional and high-quality hotel photography services, come to JAYbranding - a reputable and professional unit in this field. With many years of experience in implementing photography projects for hotels large and small across the country, we are confident to bring you the best experiences.

Not only guaranteeing beautiful and professional photo quality, we are also committed to providing you with the most perfect and thoughtful service. We will advise and support you in the process of project preparation and implementation, from ideation, shooting angle, to editing and providing photos.

Contact us today for more details about our services. We will be ready to assist you and fulfill all your needs with affordable price and excellent quality.

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