Should AI be used for graphic design?

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Today, artificial intelligence (AI) has become an increasingly popular technology in many fields, including graphic design. Tools like Midjourney, Dall-e, etc. bring more convenient solutions for businesses, users and especially designers. However, there are limitations to this, so should we use AI in graphic design?

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1. Benefits of using artificial intelligence AI in graphic design 

The use of artificial intelligence in graphic design brings many benefits to the graphic industry.

First, using artificial intelligence speeds up production. AI technologies can create graphic products automatically and quickly, saving employees time and increasing company productivity.

Second, using artificial intelligence improves product accuracy and uniformity. AI technologies can quickly and automatically detect and correct image errors, helping to reduce product errors.

Third, using artificial intelligence reduces production costs. AI technologies help save production costs by automating some of the work needed to create products, thereby reducing the number of employees needed and reducing production costs.

Finally, using artificial intelligence to diversify products. AI technologies help create richer and more diverse graphic products, thereby helping to attract customers and increase sales.

2. Today's outstanding design AI intelligences


Is an AI released in 2021. From the information provided by Midjourney users, it will produce artificial images and pictures. With complex algorithms, the system will analyze user input to produce the most complete picture. So the more specific, accurate and meticulous information is entered, the more vivid the image will be, exactly with the user's wishes.

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People use Midjourney through Discord, select chat channels that start with the word "newbie" and then enter the syntax "/Imagine [description]" into the message box to ask the application to create an image.

Very smart and convenient though. But Midjourney could not create a new work on its own without going through a collage. Therefore, it is easy to get involved in issues of copyright, copyright, and ownership.


DALL-E 2 is the next version of OpenAI's DALL-E artificial intelligence model. DALL-E is created to create new images using text descriptions, that is, it can create images based on a descriptive sentence.

DALL-E 2 continues to improve the capabilities of the model, allowing for the creation of higher resolution, more detailed and more realistic images. It also improves the ability to create images with complex features, such as materials and lighting.

When accessing the interface of DALL-E 2, Please enter prompt (ie text description) in the search bar and then press “Generate” to generate AI image.



In particular, DALL-E 2 allows users to edit existing images uploaded by you created to meet specific requirements. This opens up a lot of potential applications for DALL-E 2, including applications in design, education, entertainment and many other fields.


3. Barriers to using artificial intelligence in graphic design

While the use of artificial intelligence can help reduce time and costs, it can, however, take away the creativity and originality of the works. Design is a job that requires creativity and creative thinking, no machine can do better than humans.

AI intelligence cannot completely replace graphic designers because it can only produce products according to a fixed number of rules and patterns, while graphic designers can create products. Unique, more creative.

Moreover, AI also needs accurate and complete input data to make accurate decisions, otherwise, the results will not be as effective as expected.

In addition, current machine learning algorithms are facing some technical problems when used for graphic design. The limitations in handling different elements of graphic design such as color, detail, structure, etc. also make it difficult to apply artificial intelligence to graphic design. 


In short, AI artificial intelligence is a tool to help graphic designers have more solutions in their work, but overusing AI is not advisable, because with graphic products that need creativity. creating such as logos, etc., the difference, uniqueness, and creativity are extremely important to create value for the product.

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