Is salary a top concern when choosing a job?

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All working people have a top concern that is how much salary they will receive each month, enough to spend comfortably on a daily basis. There are many people who have a stable job but still work hard to find another job, as long as they pay a high salary, they will be ready to jump. A wise job picker knows that salary is not a determining factor in whether or not to choose the job. The truth is that there are many other factors that come with other opportunities that are not the same for everyone.

If you're looking for a new job or career, the most important thing you should be sure of is your edge in your field. Follow this if you don't want to regret your choice.

How much salary is enough?

For most people, salary is the primary concern when considering whether or not to take a job. However, the higher the salary, the more difficult and demanding the job will be, now you have to answer yourself whether you have enough ability and energy to do the job well or not. Therefore, each person needs to know how to weigh and measure their own consumption so that they can feel enough with a salary that is suitable for their ability.


In addition to salary, benefits are the most necessary thing for employees. When considering a new job, this is something you can ask your employer to see if the company's benefits are right for you.
In addition to health insurance and social insurance, does the company provide any other support? Like per diem, bonus, salary increase, support for getting married, find out how the company has a regime for employees on maternity leave… If you don't know exactly For the benefits you receive as well as the benefits the company offers, try looking on their website.

Work-life balance

For some people, it doesn't matter if the company they work for cares about the lives of its employees. But others do the opposite. So do you want to work at a company where a flexible work schedule fits your life?

Some companies offer employees a balance between work and personal life. Others do not care much about the relationships of individuals in the company, but only care about work performance. Make sure you know what you're doing.

Pension regime

This is something that most young candidates don't pay attention to, because they don't know how long they'll be in the job. However, this is a pretty important thing, you need to know how the company will support employees when they are old. Each company's retirement system is different, so be upfront about this issue with the employer when interviewing.


Everyone's perception of this holiday is also quite different. Some can work without rest. On the contrary, there are people who absolutely need to rest in order to regenerate lost energy.

If rest time is important to you, make sure how much time you get to rest and whether you really get to use it.

Holidays are also something that we can negotiate when preparing for a raise.
The above are equally important factors compared to the salary you receive each month. A good workplace will satisfy all of the above factors, in accordance with your needs. To find a good job or choose a good candidate, come to People Profilers, we have connected a lot of candidates looking for suitable jobs and made it easy for your company's human resources recruitment. Get excellent employees for your company with maximum support for both sides.

For candidates, we are not only interested in experience and qualifications, but also focus on understanding other relevant factors, including career development orientation, expectations in the working environment, and other factors. other not shown on the profile. People Profilers believe that only when these conditions are satisfied, candidates will realize their limitless potential and thrive in the new working environment. This is our belief and commitment.


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