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Mobile App is a piece of software designed and developed to work on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or smart watches. These applications bring users a variety of benefits, from entertainment, work, study to finding information and performing other tasks on their mobile devices. To use mobile apps, users can download and install them from the app store on their device.

Why do you need to design an app for your business?

Increase customer reach through mobile devices

Help improve your customer experience

Help improve interaction and interaction with your customers

Help build a more professional and modern image

Should Design Android App or IOs App?

The choice of platform for app design depends on many factors, including build time, device diversity, stability and features, app approval time, hosting and maintenance costs, and target users. Android has more device diversity and lower cost, while iOS has better stability and features and is more geared towards advanced users. Choosing the right platform will help your app achieve the best performance.

Programming languageJava, Kotlin, C++, Python, etc.Swift, Objective-C
Time for buildingMay take longer because of multiple versionsUsually faster because of fewer versions
Device diversityThere are many devices running AndroidRuns only on iOS devices
Stability – featuresMay be unstable due to varietyBetter stability and features
App approval timeUsually faster than in Google PlayUsually slower than in the App Store
Cost of storage – maintenanceLower than iOS due to variety of devicesHigher than Android due to high configuration
Target usersDiverse by region and classUsually an advanced user
Number of users by regionBig market in AsiaBig market in Europe and North America

Mobile application industries


Mobile applications allow users to shop online anytime, anywhere, and also help businesses increase sales and attract customers.


Medical mobile applications allow patients to monitor their health, search for information about their illnesses and medical history, and assist with scheduling appointments and ordering medications.


Educational mobile applications help students and students learn anytime, anywhere, while providing learning materials and connecting faculty and students together.

Travel and entertainment

A travel and entertainment mobile application that helps users find information about tourist attractions, book hotel rooms, book flights and watch movies and listen to music online.

Finance & Banking

Banking and finance mobile application helps users to perform banking transactions, manage their finances, bank accounts.


Transport mobile application helps users look up information about trains, buses, coaches, book tickets and track trip routes.

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Typical projects


Website X-men – uy lực và bứt phá Hẳn cái tên X-men không còn là cái tên quá xa lạ

Website DOLAV Vietnam Dolav là nhà cung cấp toàn cầu, đi đầu về các giải pháp lưu trữ và xử

Dr. Nguyen Giap BS. TRẦN NGUYÊN GIÁP Bác sĩ Trần Nguyên Giáp tốt nghiệp ngành Bác sĩ đa khoa tại Đại học


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