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Website is the leading effective sales channel of online sales. Seeing the great benefits that the website brings, many businesses / sellers have invested more in website design. However, among billions of active websites, how to make your website "catch the eyes" of customers?

Website with brand colors

Each website will use a separate main color tone. The remaining color tones will rotate around to support the main color. The designer needs to be someone who knows how to "play" with color. How to make the color of the website have unity and harmony in colors, and at the same time, the color arrays also create their own highlights.

The best website colors should have a balance between the typical colors of the business and the colors that are easy to attract customers' tastes. The color factor determines a lot to the attraction in the first seconds when users visit the website. Therefore, we need to pay attention to this issue during the design process.
Choose the right font for writing

One of the factors that many businesses, especially startups, often forget is the choice of website font. As you know, the sales website will contain a lot of text content. It is very important to present content in words with easy-to-see, easy-to-read and easy-to-remember fonts.

Businesses should avoid fonts that are too fussy, confusing or flowery because they can have the opposite effect. Readers will be annoyed, unable to absorb the intention and message that the article brings.

Good quality image content

An eye-catching website channel often cannot lack visual elements. Today, visual content is often more interesting to consumers. Investing in images does not make your website more lively and interesting, but also stimulates customer tastes.

Images of the website must not violate fine customs. Image content needs to be associated with the business image and its products/services. With content that is far from business-oriented, it will often bring low efficiency in making customers remember the brand.

Besides, when using images for the website, it is necessary to choose the type with good quality, beautiful images. Thus, the aesthetics of the website channel will be significantly increased.

Harmonious website layout

The layout of the website directly affects the aesthetics of this sales channel. Depending on the characteristics of the product, the design service provider will build a suitable website layout. Designers must be professional and sophisticated in arranging layouts to impress customers.

A website layout can be compared to the appearance of a house. A beautiful house will inevitably attract people's eyes. If you know how to design skillfully, the website also shows the intention and content of the business.

Thus, the design of the website is relatively important. Businesses should choose a reputable partner to build an optimal sales channel. JAYbranding is currently one of the professional and quality website design service providers. As a unit that is quick to update trends in the field of online sales, combined with expertise that is always cultivated seriously, JAYbranding always brings customers eye-catching and effective sales channels. In addition, JAYbranding is also a unit specializing in the production of quality visual content, brand consulting and many services related to online sales.

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