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Websites providing e-commerce services must be registered with the Ministry of Industry and Trade

Our service will help websites providing e-commerce services to register with the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Types of e-commerce websites include trading floors, online promotion websites and online auction websites. To perform registration, traders or organizations must register for an account, log in to the system and provide information related to their name, business registration number or establishment decision, business field, and head office address. and contact information. After being granted a system login account, traders or organizations will log in and declare information to register. Registration processing time is 7 business days.

  • E-commerce trading floor: An e-commerce trading floor is an e-commerce website that allows organizations and individuals who are not the website's owners to conduct purchases and sales of goods and services on it. In this way, the e-commerce exchange makes it possible for organizations or individuals who do not have their own e-commerce website to sell their goods and services online. In addition, some e-commerce exchanges also provide other support services such as shipping, gift wrapping, payment, and buyer and seller protection.

    Popular e-commerce exchange websites in Vietnam include:,,,, shopee…

  • Online promotion website: Is an e-commerce website set up by traders and organizations to conduct promotions for their goods and services. This website helps other merchants, organizations and individuals to advertise and promote their products online. Online promotional websites may offer various services such as discounts, gift certificates, free shipping and other promotions.
  • Online Auction Website: Is an e-commerce website that provides a solution that allows merchants, organizations and individuals who are not the owners of the website to hold auctions for their goods online. Online auction sites are often used to sell special or rare products. Online auctions are an effective way to find buyers for those products.

Websites providing e-commerce services mentioned above must carry out registration procedures with the Ministry of Industry and Trade to ensure that business on their websites is carried out in accordance with regulations. This registration will help e-commerce websites be controlled by the government and assist in the resolution of disputes for the sale of goods and services online.


We provide website registration services with the Ministry of Industry and Trade to help customers:

  • Get advice on legal issues related to website registration;
  • Prepare necessary dossiers and documents for registration;
  • Inspect and evaluate facilities and advise customers to complete them fully and in accordance with the requirements of competent state agencies;
  • Analyze and evaluate the legitimacy and conformity with the job performance requirements based on the requirements and documents provided by the customer;
  • Representing and carrying out procedures for customers with competent state agencies;
  • Additional support to complete policies to help businesses.

In addition, we also provide registration service for an e-commerce trading floor with the following steps:

Step 1: Traders or organizations register for an account to log in to the system by providing the following information:

  • Name of the trader or organization;
  • Business registration number of the trader, number of the establishment decision of the organization;
  • Line of business/activity;
  • Address of the head office of the trader or organization;
  • Contact information.

Step 2: Within 3 working days, traders and organizations receive results from the Ministry of Industry and Trade via registered email addresses about one of the following:

  • If the account registration information is complete, the trader or organization is granted an account to log in to the system and proceed to Step 3;
  • If account registration is denied or additional information is required, traders or organizations must re-register or supplement information as required.

Step 3: After being granted an account to log in to the system, traders and organizations log in, select the function of Registering an e-commerce service provider website, declare information according to the form and attach a profile. register.

Step 4: Within 7 working days, traders or organizations receive feedback from the Ministry of Industry and Trade via registered email address on one of the following contents:

  • Confirm the complete and valid registration dossier and request traders and organizations to continue with Step 5;
  • Notify invalid registration documents or request additional information. At that time, traders and organizations return to Step 3 to re-declare or supplement information and records as required.

Step 5: After receiving the notification confirming the complete and valid dossier, the trader or organization shall send it to the Ministry of Industry and Trade (E-Commerce Department) to complete the registration procedure for an e-commerce trading floor.

For websites providing e-commerce services, registration with the Ministry of Industry and Trade is mandatory. Our services provide assistance with this registration, including legal advice, file preparation, legality checks and assessments, representation and enforcement with the relevant government agency. permission. The registration process includes account registration, declaration of information and attachment of documents, and processing time is 7 working days.

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