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Keyword SEO what? What role do they play in increasing the ranking of a website? In Ho Chi Minh City, which company provides the best SEO keyword service? Come to JAYbranding, we provide SEO keyword services to meet your requirements.

1) What is SEO Keyword?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. A set of methods to improve the ranking of a website in search engine results pages.

So SEO Keywords are words and phrases existing in the website with the function of displaying the content of the article/page containing them. They are considered an extremely important link in helping users find your site through search engines.

SEO keyword service

2) What is the importance of choosing the right SEO keywords?

SEO In marketing, it is often called "modifying" the website so that Google likes it and ranks higher than the competition. This is an essential element to the success of a business. And of course, keywords will play an important role in SEO.

Choosing the right keywords is one of the most important steps if you want to do SEO successfully. Increasing traffic to the page is of course a top priority in the field of SEO, but attracting the right audience / users is also extremely necessary.

shallow focus photography of scrabble pieces

3) Types and styles of keywords

Keywords include 3 main types including: Brand keywords, informational keywords and conversion behavioral keywords. But based on these three main categories, there are subtypes:

Brand Keywords: are keywords about your company's brand. Example: JAYbrandingSEO, JAYbrandingWEB, JAYbrandingBOOK, NDCORP

– Info Keywords: are keywords in the form of learning about certain information that customers need: For example: How to choose the most reputable and quality SEO service?

Q&A Keywords: are keywords in the form of questions to find answers that are most relevant to the customer's current situation. For example: TOP most reputable website SEO services?

- Product Keywords: are keywords to find out information about the company's products, such as: iphone 7s phone

– Service keywords: are keywords to find out information about services of companies and businesses such as: mobile world iphone warranty

– Wrong keywords (Wrong Keywords): are misspelled keywords, queryed by users. Example: mark bud

– Main Keyword: is the main keyword, the keyword to push TOP

– Sum Keywords: is the main keyword plus 1 attribute. Example: Cheap SEO services.

– Local Keywords: is the main keyword plus locality. For example: SEO Services Ho Chi Minh.

If we divide the keyword type, we will have 2 types of keywords: long keyword (longkey - longtail) and short keyword (shortkey - Fat Head).

Long-tail keywords are short-term strategic keywords, have many characters, have low competition, good search volume, high, low SEO cost, easy TOP and high conversion rate.

Short keywords are keywords with few characters, high competition, long-term strategy, high cost, long time to TOP.

A debate arises between long keywords and short keywords, which keyword has the best conversion rate. The leading website SEO company MOZ has shown that it is the longkey - longtail keywords that are the keywords with the best conversion rate.

Specifically, “nike men's running shoes” has an average yield for this conversion rate of 36%. These are the bases for you to firmly believe in long-tail keywords. Focus on it, grow and occupy every niche.

4) 's keyword service JAYbranding

JAYbranding company provide customers with the best SEO keyword service in Ho Chi Minh City. Contact us now for a consultation:

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