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What is business email? How does it work and cost?

Business email is a service that provides business private server email in the form of a recognizable domain name by your company. A common example is

Business email on the market is quite diverse with many different services and utilities depending on the provider. However, there are two prominent faces in the market that we can mention: Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

Some comparisons so that you can choose which form is suitable for your company email


Email Google Workspace Microsoft 365 Winner
Web mail The quality of gmail's email should be in terms of friendliness and speed, not the fastest and highest performance on the market Outlook web seems to be a bit weaker than gmail web but outlook is also improving day by day. The version 6 months ago is quite different from the present. Prove Microsoft invests very seriously in it. However, the web is still slower than gmail Google
Desktop mail Gmail prioritizes web-based performance, so sync apps don't make the most of the desired Tabs or labels. Outlook syncs the free Windows mail app quite well, as friendly and easy to use as the web. Especially faster loading than outlook web Microsoft
Mobile mail app Gmail app is quite good and convenient Outlook is also constantly improving, but the interface is not as simple as Google Google
Web office Google built a pretty good web office platform with excellent support on Chrome. However, if you are a professional excel or word, there is an incompatibility phenomenon that can only be edited online. Team work is very good Microsoft web office app is 100% compatible with office app so it's very convenient. However, teamwork is often problematic because the web app is not optimized Google
Office App Do not have A long tradition of microsoft but royalty fees. You can buy MS office 365 family package to save money Microsoft
Contact Google chat only works well with the web, but it does it well and is very handy. However, due to its dependence on Gmail and Chrome, it does not form an independent product Great teams app for teamwork and stable speed and near-perfect interaction with office Microsoft
Expense about 3-5usd/month about 3-5usd/month Almost the same


With the above comparison table, it can be seen that Microsoft and Google compete little by little in the cloud segment and almost dominate the market due to good and reputable email and mail filters. However, the cost is also very high if calculated by year and staff use. For example, a company with a size of 20 people will also cost nearly 100 usd / month ~ 1,200 usd / year, in which the turn of personnel can fluctuate unstable often, causing a lot of damage.

For a savings direction, customers can contact a consultant to have the most affordable email solutions on these two platforms through the available sharing account.