An effective corporate website design must ensure a lot of factors such as interface design, layout, colors, features, content, loading speed, security, operation, ...

When designing a professional website, it helps the company assert its name and brand, helps build trust and attract visitors, and creates the best user experience.

Company website design experience

To achieve such results requires a process of efforts and efforts of the design team. Want to own one public website design Before proceeding with the design, you just need to take a moment to read these extremely detailed corporate web design experiences. Tat Thanh is confident that you will have more knowledge, skills and experience to design the perfect corporate web. See more:

Determine the goal of building a website for the company

What is the purpose of your company website design?
  • Company introduction, brand promotion, professional experience
  • Attract potential customers
  • Provide information
  • Sales and customer care
  • ….
If it's a business website, your primary goal will be to increase business profits, but you also want to break that down into specific and forward-looking goals. Such as raising brand awareness or driving traffic for the web.
Besides, your website needs to meet the needs of users. Having a clear intention when building a website helps you define your core goals and make it easier to move them in the right direction.

Choose a reputable domain name hosting provider

There are many existing domain name and hosting providers with attractive advertising offers. But you should choose a reputable supplier. Especially, it is not advisable to separate these 2 services for 2 different companies, but only choose one provider for both services.

Most hosting providers usually add domain name services (or more). In our experience, using this approach, you can save yourself some money by registering a domain name through a hosting provider. Moreover, this is also a way for you to easily manage maintenance, renewal and get the most dedicated post-registration support. If possible, you should also choose to register a domain name, hosting at the company's design service provider to ensure the management of one term.

Choose a reputable domain name hosting provider

Choose a domain name for your company

Choosing the right domain name is a very difficult job. By domain name will follow your business long term. You need to choose a name that is both meaningful to the company, and branding, but easy to read, remember, pronounce and be short.

With millions of existing websites, you can choose your branded domain name, choose by keywords, and the industry in which the company is doing business. At the same time, the extension is also a very important part that determines a lot to the success of the website.

Choose the right Web Hosting package

The experience of choosing a hosting service provider for you is choosing a reliable server. Look at your web hosting provider's uptime to make sure it's reputable and trustworthy. They can ensure your website is always up and running, and they will have the experience and expertise to handle problems and problems quickly.

Carefully consider when choosing newly established or new service providers, because they may not have enough experience, even poor support when there are storage problems.

It is not necessary to choose high-speed bandwidth hosting packages, but should only choose the appropriate bandwidth package to reduce costs.

 Planning to organize, arrange website layout

A successful website design requires proper organization and layout. You need your website to be intuitive, simple for users. In particular, website design experience shows that simple, smart navigation is one of the necessary requirements for a website.

Planning to organize, arrange website layout

A corporate website with a clean, scientific layout, streamlined and simple modules, categories, and content will provide a better user experience. At the same time, the layout arrangement also partly evaluates the professionalism of the company. Experience when designing a company website with a neat layout that you need to do is to list all categories and modules. main that your website will have. The most important pages should be in your main menu, subcategories should be included in each module so that visitors can easily navigate to the most important parts of the site.

If your site has only a few main and fairly basic modules, it shouldn't be too difficult to organize. But if you are going to have a larger site with a lot of different main pages, modules, and subcategories, it's even more important to plan for thorough site organization and navigation. .


How to choose website colors to attract customers and increase brand recognition?

Color has the power to convey messages and evoke emotional responses, perceptions, and actions. Finding a color palette that fits your brand is no easy feat.

Website design experience choosing the main color is that you should only use a maximum of 3 colors on the web. Do not abuse too many colors to make the overall website messy and confusing. However, you should not use too few colors to make the website monotonous, dull and not make an impression on customers.

Color selection

The meaning of some basic colors for the website so that you can consider choosing colors for your company website:

  • The energetic red color conveys feelings of excitement, joy, and boldness as well as evokes love and passion. It is also the same warning color.
  • Blue is the color of trust, hope brings a sense of comfort, comfort and reliability to customers.
  • Yellow is the color of energy, both bringing happiness and making people easily frustrated and anxious
  • Green color for company websites that are plant- and environmental-oriented
  • Orange is the color of vibrant, youthful, modern and full of life
  • Black represents mystery, luxury and class
  • White is often used for blank spaces on websites.

There are millions of colors available, you should choose the most suitable one when designing your company website.

Optimizing for SEO

If you want people to find your website, then you need to think about how to design your website optimally for search engines. That means learning the basics of SEO and optimizing each website for SEO before you publish it.

Search engine optimization is a way for your website to rank high on Google and get more people to know about your company, its services and products. To do so, the tasks you need to do are:

  • Do keyword research to find out the terms and queries your audience is using to search.
  • Include searchable keywords in your URL structure, title tags, headings, description tags, images.
  • Include natural internal links on your web pages using relevant keywords in the anchor text.

There are many other factors to have a standard SEO website, achieve high rankings on search engines, but basically, you still need to optimize the above factors.


Images are every visual aspect that should be used in web design. Images, videos, graphics should best represent the image of the company, activities, services and products.


However, images also need to be optimized for size, format, alt tags, .. to suit the content and storage capacity of the web. Too many or too few images is not a good thing, you should only use the right images and illustrations to best suit.

Pay attention to page load time

Waiting a long time for a website to load costs you visitors. Nearly half of web visitors expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less, and they are likely to leave a site that doesn't load within 3 seconds. Optimizing image sizes will make your website load faster.

Page loading speed also affects the ranking of your company website on search engines. Therefore, you should pay attention to your website loading speed by optimizing images, increasing bandwidth, limiting unnecessary features or plugins, etc.

Design a mobile-friendly company website

Many people are using phones or other devices computers to browse the web. This confirms that when designing a website for your company, you need to learn and proceed to design a mobile-specific website or similar. Add responsize technology or build a responsive website with layouts and content that can adjust to different screens.

Design a mobile-friendly company website

A company website that is friendly to different screen types helps you reach more customers, providing a better browsing experience. At the same time, this is also a factor for Google to rank the web.

Above are a few corporate website design experiences that you need to pocket before you intend to build a website for your company. JAYbranding is one of the professional website design and hosting service providers. When customers have needs, please contact us immediately for the most dedicated free consultation.