A lot of experience is a good employee?

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What is a good employee? Recruiting good employees or choosing experienced people? Is experience everything? How good is the experience? These are questions that often confuse employers. So, this article will help you to explain this important link: Does a lot of experience make a good employee?

Signs to identify good employees

Have team spirit
A competent employee will know how to coordinate well with all other members of the company or on his or her team, because they know the most important benefit of the job is to grow the company, not compete. , than lose against each other. For them, helping and supporting colleagues and superiors together to bring more success to the company is the top goal that every employee needs to aim for.

Know how to be quiet and listen
In a team, the most important thing is understanding between members. Know how to absorb the creative ideas of colleagues, know how to listen and give appropriate suggestions, do not intentionally cause internal conflicts. In addition, good employees will also be the ones who know how to be silent at the right time, do not chat, do not discuss other people's stories, only say what needs to be said and be silent when it is necessary to listen.

Correctly see the mistakes
Mistakes at work and in life are inevitable. Good employees know how to let go of mistakes and go straight to finding solutions. This means that they usually don't focus too much on mistakes and don't let mistakes slow down their work. They assume that focusing on mistakes will make things worse and not improve anything. In particular, good employees often come up with the best solutions to solve any difficult problems. In any situation, they always think in the most positive direction.

Choose attitude over experience
If you still think that experience is everything, then this is completely wrong. Because when interviewing they are only partially interested in your experience, they will observe your attitude and enthusiasm for your work more.

When you have very little work experience, conquer the employer with an enthusiastic attitude, a spirit of inquisitiveness, hard work and show how highly responsible person you are. pay more attention to you than experienced people whose attitude is egotistical.

Anything can be learned and accumulated over time and so can experience. It can be seen that people who have just graduated from school and just entered the job often do not have experience. If the employer asks for too much experience, surely no candidate can meet it. Experience is not measured by years of work, but by someone's ability to meet job requirements. Using years of experience as a measure of experience will certainly not be fair to newcomers with expertise and qualifications. Experience is accumulated over the years, as long as you are dedicated to learning and constantly looking for new things at work, you will have a wealth of knowledge for yourself.
Therefore, experience is a necessary, not a sufficient condition for you to get an ideal job. If you find a job suitable for you, please submit your resume bravely and be ready to conquer them with a serious and progressive working attitude!

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