What do candidates look for in a company?

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In this era of many job seekers, employers often think that it is easy to find the right person for their company. However, the truth will often be the opposite, it is very difficult for employers to find good candidates for the company, because with good candidates they will have their own requirements. So, to win the competition for human resources, you need to know what candidates look for in a business?

Work environment

Working environment between companies is not the same, a professional working environment will make a good impression on candidates.

Full equipment: Personal equipment and office equipment are full of computers, printers, cameras… Stationery such as printing paper, letterhead, envelopes are always full and ready. Provide more when required by departments. Computers and personal equipment are always in perfect condition to best serve business requirements.

Professional working spirit: In the company, the company shows a professional working spirit, not sectarian, giving honest advice in the profession. Communication in the company shows professionalism without prying, spreading conflicting information, exchanging colleagues in the spirit of cooperation. In communication, show professionalism such as using words carefully and politely, communicating in a friendly but firm manner.

In addition, the professional working environment is also reflected in creating maximum conditions for employees to be creative, respecting employees' contributions, and equal rights among employees..

Attract candidates with company culture

Friendly, open company culture is also what good candidates are always looking for. Therefore, in the interview after discussing the salary and bonus, the employer's welfare policy should also introduce to the candidate about the company's working culture. If possible, you should take the candidate to "visit" some departments, introduce some personnel so that they can see the professionalism, friendliness and increase the desire to stick.

Offer good remuneration and welfare policies
Compared to the competitive salary, good remuneration and welfare policies are also one of the candidates' top concerns for the new company. Therefore, you should skillfully take advantage of the advantages and strengths of your company's policies to attract good candidates. For example: Although the salary is not the highest, in return, your company has responsibility allowances, high bonuses, a policy of periodic salary increases, health care, insurance ... good. Please explain clearly so that candidates can see the advantages so that among many "offers" they decide to "join" your company.

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