Where to start building a brand image?

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The story of building a brand image has a lot of practical experience in the past. Each story will show you a small side of your branding process.

However, as a new brand, you yourself understand that, it is not easy for a thin wallet newcomer. The opportunity to enter the customer's mind is very difficult. Especially when the market you enter is already "red", while you yourself do not have any great ideas to make yourself different.

If you can't "change the color of the ocean", change the color in the customer's mind! What do you think? Of course, to successfully change color, it takes a long, very long process, and must be taken right from the first step. How to start building a brand image?


1. Building a brand image strategy

Just like Starting a Business, to have a good brand you must prepare a complete, specific image strategy. And start by listing your brand's attributes, identify the most prominent feature (or the one that you have the most potential to make it stand out), and focus on building it. brand differentiation.

Remember that you should be qualitative, quantitative and build a specific image for the brand differentiator. Be very specific!

From this difference, you start to build a specific plan in the branding strategy, and move forward step by step according to it.

2. Building brand image within the company

Each of your employees is the best brand ambassador in the eyes of customers. Before remembering the brand. Customers will often be impressed by the staff's attitude, belief and brand love. Therefore, you must make your employees love your brand with loyal love, and with all your heart.

The transmission of fire must begin with leadership. Please share with your employees why the brand was born, the great things the brand wants to bring to customers, the difference that the brand pursues….

Love is a contagious disease!

Therefore, let's "spread" your love to your employees with your enthusiasm, with your actions, with your own heart, and with you.

3. Unify brand image

It also means that you have to build a brand identity.

At this point, you are probably struggling because of the contradiction with the "thin wallet" I wrote at the beginning of the article. Of course you don't have a lot of money, and I don't really mean that you have to build the professional brand identity that branding experts claim. It sounds loud and overwhelming.

I mean very simple! Your brand identity when starting out just needs to include:

– Logos
This is a must-have element, and must be "good".

A good logo will be a great tool and extremely effective in the process of building your brand image.

Logo also shows your seriousness in business activities, is the image that will follow you on every road, every corner of the brand appears. So, not having a good logo is worse than having no logo…

A good logo is one that perfectly fits the brand identity, the distinctive character, the brand core, and of course the brand culture and people.

– Slogan
As the spirit of the brand, the slogan contributes to giving customers a consistent feeling about the product/service, about the brand spirit.

Just a brief Slogan will help your employees not have to repeat the vision, goals, or brand commitment, etc. Honestly, even if they repeat it hundreds of times with customers. , the content your employees provide is still not really believable with a creative, impressive and insightful positioning sentence!

- Color
Choose a color that is appropriate and associated with all activities of the brand. This is extremely important in the campaign to "color" the target customer's mind.

Color is associated with human emotional intelligence. Each color will stimulate one or more unique emotions with the viewer, and science has proven that: That emotion will contribute to the decision to buy, partly to the decision to "re-buy", and all but also brand loyalty of customers.

4. Communication

You will not be successful without positive communication about your brand image. Reaching customers anytime, anywhere is the simplest way to stick a brand image in their mind.

When starting out, you don't have much media budget, you can take advantage of some free communication channels such as:
– Fanpage
– Blogs
– Youtube
- Forum
– Famous people in your community
– Brand space
- Client
- Specialized electronic newspaper
– …..

Each communication channel, if it knows how to take advantage and make good use of it, will surely bring great results for the brand.

For example, you can invite famous people in your community to use your product/service for free, without asking for anything. Only a few times like that, they will feel "shy" and want to do something in return for your kindness.

Note: If you spend money to "buy" a few of their Reviews, the cost is not small!

Specialized electronic newspapers seem to be a paid media channel?

In fact, you can create quality articles, with useful information or creative ideas to send to the newspaper, use your name or pseudonym when writing articles for blogs, websites, Fanpage, .. of their brand, using the same writing style so that readers can recognize the "author" just by reading. These articles you can collect in a separate section on the website with the title "Press corner", the professionalism and credibility of the brand will increase a lot in the eyes of customers.

Those are just a few tips for you to communicate your brand image in the young and "impoverished" period. If you make good use of these free communication channels, you will certainly have a strong brand. without having to "hook your wallet" too much.

To "color" the customer's mind, you must first "dye" your brand from the inside to the outside. Show the world your color, and always act on it!

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