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Taking photos in a working factory can seem like a daunting task for both your agency and your marketing department, but here are seven tips to make it easier on both sides:

1. Site survey.

You need to survey the location before shooting. Pick a field date and find out what's going on, asking the person showing you around to explain what the different machines do so you can understand the process. Find places where you can place your camera to get good angles. Willing to watch the process once before filming; This can be done during the survey. Take sample photos, come up with ideas, then research where to place the camera and lights.

2. Make a process list.

Even if you don't understand it, having a list of the steps involved in the process will help make sure you don't miss anything. Usually professional agencies like JAYbranding will help you with this. Now you can take each step throughout the shooting day. Not every factory has a process but most do, let this be the story behind your shot.

3. Look for interesting shooting angles.

Place the camera overhead with a crane or place it low on the floor for some interesting shots. Flycam is also a top choice because the factory scene is difficult to place the camera at high angles.

4. Move the camera.

Crane shot, dolly shot, slide or Glidecam shot – anything where the camera is moving creates more interest and depth than a still, unlocked shot. While the content you're viewing is breathtaking, a little movement enhances it and adds production value to your video.

5. Bring clean shirts for workers if needed.

People don't prepare in advance, even if you tell them in advance. We have workers there who wear dirty shirts or have logos that we don't want in business photos, so if you have extra, you can let the workers wear them so they look nice and clean.

6. Be pleasant and persistent.

Tell workers exactly what you want them to do, and be pleasant and persistent until you get the job. Get talent excited about the process and what you're doing so they want to help you and make it happen.

7. Multiple camera angles.

Shoot two or more cameras on a process that you can only view once. Think cinematic! Place the camera with different lenses and at different angles so you can get a wide, medium and close-up shot. Two or more cameras with different lenses will increase the value of your video production and make it easier for you to crop.

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