What is brand positioning? 4 basic steps of brand positioning

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Brand Positioning

Brand positioning: Process, brand positioning strategy - JIDO Digital

Define unique value to capture customer interest
For any business, brand positioning is always one of the most important factors to make a difference and help the brand stand out in the market. However, the brand positioning requires sophistication and detail, and must also ensure the suitability with the development of the business. So, in this article, we will learn about brand positioning and the key factors needed to succeed in brand positioning.

I. The concept of brand positioning


Brand positioning is the process of determining the position of a brand in the minds of customers relative to its competitors in the market. The purpose of brand positioning is to differentiate itself from other brands by helping customers identify and associate with a unique value. This helps the brand stand out and attract the attention of customers.

II.4 basic steps of brand positioning

For effective brand positioning, businesses need to follow these steps:

1. Identify the product or service characteristics of the brand:

This helps businesses clearly understand the advantages, strengths and weaknesses of their products or services.

2. Learn about customer needs:

Businesses need to assess and understand customer needs for their products or services. This helps businesses identify the key elements that customers want from their product or service.

3.Make a revolutionary promise:

Businesses need to deliver a revolutionary promise between the brand and the customer, creating a unique value that sets them apart from the competition. This promise must be guaranteed and fulfilled in full, accurately, and always bring value to the customer.

4. Create your own identity:

For successful brand positioning, businesses need to create a unique identity, different from other brands in the market. This makes it easy for customers to identify and associate with your brand.

III. The importance of brand positioning

Brand positioning plays an important role in the process of building a strong and sustainable brand in the market. It helps the brand stand out and capture the attention of customers, creating unique differentiation and value, thereby enhancing sales and driving the growth of the business.

IV. Real-world examples of how businesses position their brands

Coca-Cola and Pepsi are two famous beverage brands globally. Both have applied different brand positioning strategies to create a unique image and attract their customers.
Coca-Cola is positioned as a traditional soft drink brand, bringing a sense of familiarity, freshness and creating connections between people. Coca-Cola also strengthens its image as a brand that connects and unites people with strange but meaningful advertising campaigns such as “Share a Coke” (share a can of Coca-Cola), “ Taste the Feeling” (feel the taste),…
Meanwhile, Pepsi is positioned as a youthful and modern beverage brand, targeting young people. Pepsi focuses on promoting its image as an innovative, enterprising and innovative brand with creative and topical advertising campaigns such as “Pepsi Challenge”. Pepsi), “Live for Now” (live for the present),…
However, both brands are moving in a new direction with advertising campaigns with the message of a world full of diversity and emotions, while showing an interest in social issues such as the environment. market, diverse personalities, friendly to consumers, etc. to enhance interaction and become a multi-use brand suitable for more customers.

V. Conclusion

Brand positioning is an important process to build a strong and sustainable brand in the market. For a successful brand positioning, businesses need to define the unique value of their product or service, understand the needs of their customers, deliver a revolutionary promise, and create their own identity. . Only by achieving successful brand positioning can a business capture customer interest and increase sales.

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