More than 15 ways to approach customers that businesses need to capture

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Reaching customers is one of the important things of businesses in most marketing campaigns. There are many ways to approach customers to introduce and promote products. So in fact, what will be the most effective and convenient way? Let's find out through the article below.

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Each business will have different purposes and customer files. Therefore, the approach to customers will also be very different, here are some suggested ways for businesses to reach customers effectively.

Top 15+ ways to approach customers

1. Use social networks and online platforms to promote products/services.

Social networks are the fastest way to attract customers and also have the most competitors. Focus on creating quality content through quality articles, engaging images, and trending videos.

How to approach customers?
How to reach customers through social networks

2. Focus on customer service to create trust and gain support from customers.

With service items, create the best customer experience possible, comfortable in using your products and services. Consult, support and solve customer queries as quickly as possible.

3. Provide engaging content to attract customers and increase their engagement.

Create engaging content right at social networking sites like Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram. Always catch the trends, use appropriate language and update the posted content regularly, should not miss important occasions that make customers forget about your business.

How to contact customers?
Reach through posts

4. Self-advertise their products through online advertising channels.

Based on the goals and customers of the business determine the online advertising channels. Featured channels such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads or Pinterest Ads, thereby planning advertising according to the set budget. 

5. Organize product display events.

This is also one of the ways to reach customers directly and may or may not keep customers coming back. All thanks to customer care right during the event and after the event. Give customers a great experience right at the event to impress customers and not forget to provide enough product information for customers.

6. Use email marketing, SMS marketing, chatbot to reach customers directly.

Each approach to customers will have different pros and cons, so do your research before applying. Focusing on the advantages, Email marketing helps save costs compared to other methods. SMS marketing reaches a wide audience. Chatbot helps increase customer interaction and experience

How to contact customers?
Reach customers through email marketing

7. Use search engine optimization (SEO) tools to attract potential customers.

The next approach to customers is to find keywords that match the content of product and potential customers. Optimize articles and build links from authority sites to increase your SEO post.

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8. Use traditional marketing channels such as advertising in mass media, magazines, newspapers, radio or television.

Traditional channels will have the advantage of reaching a large number of customers, focusing on the target audience and making an impression on customers. However, it will be expensive and difficult to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

9. Use direct interaction tools such as chatbots or Messenger platforms to increase interaction and answer customer questions.

Provide quick and automated responses to customer questions, support requests, or enquiries. Chatbots or Messenger platforms both help businesses achieve higher response rates in answering customer questions, increasing customer satisfaction and driving positive business results.

10. Create loyalty programs to help increase customer retention and increase sales.

Create special promotions for loyal customers such as special discounts, gifts. Accompanied by the building of a points program so that customers can accumulate points and redeem gifts, incentives or discounts on their next purchase.

How to contact customers?
Reach customers through programs

11. Look for partners or large corporations that can help you reach new customers.

Finding large partners or corporations that can help you reach new customers is an effective way to expand your business horizons. Participate in business networks: events, fairs, exhibitions to increase the opportunity to meet and connect with big businesses and find partners.

12. Take advantage of direct advertising opportunities at malls or sporting or entertainment events.

Rent a booth, attend a related sporting or entertainment event, sponsor a sporting or entertainment event, use a t-shirt or gift product, use a t-shirt or gift product with a logo and information on it. product information to help customers see your presence and your products, and it's easy Approach and introduce products to potential customers.

13. Collaborate with influencers or reputable bloggers to effectively introduce your products or services to customers.

Search and get to know reputable bloggers/influencers in your industry. Contact them and suggest partnership ideas. Assist in the process of creating content related to your product to ensure accuracy in content and attract customers' attention.

14. Join online forums or forums to create connections with the community and reach potential customers.

Participate in discussions and interact with members of the community. Provide value, create useful content, share knowledge, and encourage discussion. This way, you can attract attention, drive engagement, and increase credibility in the eyes of potential customers.

Customer approach

15. Use different media such as banners, posters, publications…

You can place it in crowded locations, such as commercial centers, busy neighborhoods, where traffic density is heavy. Print publications and distribute them at relevant points of sale or events. This helps to increase the reach and attention of the target customers.

16. Organize free trials or coupons to encourage customers to try your product/service.

Offer product or service samples, offer coupons, or host test events. Help customers learn more about the product and decide to buy it after feeling satisfied. This helps create an interactive environment with customers and helps them better understand your products and services.

17. Find ways to work with partners with similar goals to increase your chances of reaching new customers.

Partnering on products or services, participating in networking programs, collaborating in media, developing combined products are ways increase value for customers of both parties and increase the opportunity to reach new customers.


All of the ways to approach customers mentioned in the article are quite common ways. Depending on the field, goals, and target audience, businesses will make different plans. If you are a business owner, hopefully this article will give you more ideas to successfully reach your customers.

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