Guide to Publishing and Managing WordPress Posts

1/ The page displays all posts:


  • Click “All Posts” to view all posts.
  • Click “Write a new post” to create a new blog.
  • Click on “Category” to view all created categories and posts in that category.
  • Click on “Tags” to view the created tags and the posts in the tag.



    • Fill in the box and click “Search Posts” to find the article you want
    • “All Days” to filter posts by day, month, year
    • "All categories" to filter posts by category
    • “All SEO scores” to filter articles by SEO score
    • Check the boxes below item 2 and click "Action" to delete or edit multiple posts at once
    • Drag and drop articles to adjust the display position of articles on the website.
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    • Click "Edit" to edit the article in depth
    • Click "Quick Edit" to edit basic information for the article
    • Click "Trash" to delete the post
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    • View the status of the post
    • The time the article was published



    2/ New article page and edit article:

    1/ Select "Write a new article" to enter the article writing page.

    2/ Add a title for a new post.

    3/ Edit text form:

    1. “Add Media”: Add an image or video file to the post

    • Click “Choose file” then select the photo in the category you need to upload it
    • Click "Insert into post" to add an image to the post
    • Select "All" and select "All days" then adjust as you like to filter the image you want to find.
    • Click "Insert from URL" to select the photo or video you want to insert into the post.

    • To display more photos uploaded to WordPress, select “Media”, scroll down and select “Upload more”.

    2. Click and select the title tag under “Paragraph”

    3. Press ” B" to bold letters

    4. Press ” I” to write italic

    5. Add Bullets

    6. Numbering at the beginning of the line

    7. Add quotation marks

    8. Adjust text margins

    9. Insert the link into the text. Example: "Youtube"


    4/ Save and edit the post date or post

    • Adjust the status according to the purpose

    – Published: Allow anyone to access and view the article

    – Waiting for approval: Wait for permission and check from an authorized person before publishing the article

    – Draft: To edit an article, temporarily save the article to complete, qualify before publishing.

    • Regime Public:

    – Allow everyone to access and view the article

    – Paste the article on the front page so that by default everyone will see this article when visiting the blog of the company website

    • Regime Password Protection:

    – Choose a fixed password and only people with the password can see the post.

    • Regime Private:

    – Only authorized people, personnel in the company can see the article.

    • Edit post time or update post:

    5/ Select a category to save the text

    • You can add categories to your posts by clicking "Add Category"
    • Select the category you want to add and which parent the article will be in.

    6/ Set a profile picture for the post

    • Scroll down to the bottom and select the item to change the avatar, then select the image and set it up as in the "Add Media" step.

    Above are a few basic guidelines for you to write articles on wordpress. Good luck.






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