Instructions to create a free bio page

Free bio page is a great tool to help businesses, brands or shops reach customers quickly and effectively on Facebook or TikTok. With a short link, the bio page is like an impressive business card that helps businesses, brands or shops to introduce full information such as shopping address, Facebook link, Zalo link.

However, some link pages have run out of beautiful short links. This can affect the promotion effectiveness of the business, brand or shop. So use page to register a beautiful and short link in this time will be a great solution to get a beautiful and convenient link for promoting your products.

Sign up for the short and beautiful link on is completely free and easy. You just need to visit the website and sign up for an account. After completing the registration, you will be provided with a short and beautiful link to share with your customers.

With this short and beautiful link, you can enhance the effectiveness of your product promotion on social networks. Not only quickly reach customers but also bring professionalism and create trust with customers.

In short, subscribe to the short and beautiful link on is a simple and effective solution to help you increase the effectiveness of promoting your products on social networks and reach more customers.

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Create bio page fast, beautiful link with

Step 1: visit . page is a website that removes links and generates QR codes, especially creating a free profile page for you.

Step 2: Register an account

New registration tk at the link

Step 3: Go to Bio Page and click create Bio . button

In this entry, enter the Name of the Page and the link in the alias section, for example, enter the alias as shopabc

Step 4: add custom content

Add the desired content such as description, link or social network..

Step 5: Customize the interface in the Apperance section

There are many themes to choose from and it's completely free, no ads



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