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Outreach Vietnam is a social organization founded in 2019 in Ho Chi Minh City after more than 15 years of volunteering with the founder's local non-profit organizations, with the mission of supporting education development through community activities. Outreach Vietnam wishes to join hands to support the development of the local community, helping young people and those with conditions to have access to international friends, narrowing the geographical distance and opening up opportunities to bring the world together. closer together. The organization has entrusted the official website to JAYbranding to take care of.

Receiving trust and honor, JAYbranding has presented a modern, colorful website with a positive message. Website is a place to connect loving hearts through charity programs, scholarship information and sponsorship.  Not stopping there, the website is constantly being updated and improved by a team of experienced technicians to optimize all information and online activities of the organization.

Service that JAYbranding provided

  • Website strategy
  • Development of interface and user effects
  • Build a content management system
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