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Royal Dental Lab Vietnam is a unit specializing in oral and maxillofacial aesthetics. With advanced technology and a team of highly qualified doctors. Royal Dental Lab Vietnam helps you navigate the ever-changing and improving world of dental prosthetics. The brand has trusted to cooperate with JAYbranding to create a convenient website to Support advice on complex cases or in the case of suggestions on what you need to maintain healthy teeth.

JAYbranding has shown a simple website, easy to use but no less professional and modern. A special feature of the website is also reflected in the search engine optimization that allows users to access information in the fastest way. Simply log in to royaldentallab.com, the industry leading online services portal, where you can submit and track prescriptions, view and pay bills, and more - all 24/7 over the web. It's convenient and safe.

Service that JAYbranding provided

  • Website strategy
  • Development of interface and user effects
  • Build a content management system
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