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Starting in 1989, after the 6th Party Congress, the country's economy changed from a subsidy mechanism to a socialist-oriented market economy, the old-fashioned cooperative economic model was really difficult and fell into crisis situation must be dissolved mass. In such a context, day 12/5/1989 – Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee has a policy of transformation Management Board of City Trading Cooperative become Ho Chi Minh City Trade Cooperative Union – Saigon Co.op with two direct functions of doing business and organizing and mobilizing the cooperative movement. Saigon Co.op is a cooperative economic organization on the principle of establishing collective ownership, autonomous production and business activities and self-responsibility.

Realizing the importance of functional retail, leadership Saigon Co.op spend time studying and learning the experience of the supermarket system KF (Switzerland), NTUC Fair Price (Singapore), Co.op (Japan) to create a supermarket system with characteristics of the cooperative method in Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam.

In 1998, Saigon Co.op has restructured its organization and personnel, focusing all its resources on investing heavily in retail. Supermarkets Co.opmart in turn, marking an important development stage: forming a branded supermarket chain Co.opmart.

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