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Not everyone is fortunate to work with their own passions, each person has a different situation, maybe no matter how hard they strive, they can't do what they want so, instead of blaming themselves, we Let's do well in our current jobs, the work that has brought us many things such as money, career, social relations...

1.You learn new skills, not just keep using what you already own
“A LinkedIn study found that nearly 9 out of 10 (89%) professionals believe skills are more important than job titles,” says Decembrele. “This information indicates that many people are more inclined to find work at companies that can help them further their professional development while providing the tools and training they need to succeed.”
Is your job teaching you something new?

To land a new job, you need to possess a strong enough skill set to set yourself apart and stand out from your competition. But once you've actually taken the position, the most important thing is not only to keep using them, but to develop them on top of that. The work must advance your career further.

2.Clear career development path
Whether you're working for a large or small company, find out if there's a position where you can grow and expand your skills even more strongly in the future.
Explore opportunities to get you promoted.

LinkedIn research also shows that one of the top career goals for workers in 2018 is getting a promotion or a raise. What motivates employees to work hard in their current roles is that they know they have room for growth. For example, if you are a marketer for a fast-growing company, try to find out if you have the opportunity to regularly participate in company-wide projects and have the potential ability to develop into a management role. And also don't forget to consider the increase in salary and bonus which should be proportional to your career growth.

3.Do you have a work-life balance?
Even if you have a job you like, it's most important to make sure that your work life doesn't overwhelm your personal life.

Do you have enough time to enjoy life outside of work?

“Flexibility is one of the most important factors for office workers today, and research has also found that a third of working people would accept a pay cut to gain the right to work flexible hours.” desired timetable.”

Each company has its own opinion on flexible working hours. There are already quite a few companies that allow employees to work from home one day per week. Meanwhile, some of the companies that make the top employer list focus on the value of results – they put policies in place so that employees can decide to work where and when they think they should. for the best results.” So, Decembrele recommends determining what flexibility best suits your needs and then finding work based on that criteria to achieve the best (though not perfect) balance.

4.You are inspired by what you are doing
The inspiration you get from the work you're doing will keep you motivated in the role you're in.

Does your company have volunteer or social work programs?

As Decembrele puts it, “many people have a strong sense of purpose in their work when they can contribute their skills to support others, whether it is volunteering or mentoring.” According to a survey by LinkedIn, nearly 90% workers agree that success is not just achieved, but success is in the positive inspiration you have instilled in others.

5.Your hard work is recognized and appreciated
After all the thoughts and efforts enthusiastically poured into your work, it will be heartbreaking if you are not properly recognized.

More than half of the people surveyed expressed the opinion that success includes both short-term and long-term achievements. Therefore, it is very important that your contribution to the company is evaluated and recognized in a timely manner. Imagine how great it feels to receive an email from your boss of praise – this is a real hit.

Sometimes you feel unsatisfied with the job you are doing, but before rushing to think that you should find a new destination in your career, think again. As with any job, there are times when going through a period of excitement can be a period of saturation. Do not give up your job because of that! You should carefully consider and evaluate whether your current job still has a lot of value and meaning for your long-term career before making a decision!

At People Profilers, we believe in people. We see a world filled with opportunities for those who are doing what they are good at and love. This is the motivating factor that motivates us to continuously devote ourselves to finding the right candidate for each position, and the right job for each applicant. We set the mission to provide suitable and effective recruitment and HR solutions, while building a sustainable partnership and finding the perfect match between employers and candidates to ensure the best benefits. benefits and integral development of both.


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