Marketing at Marico SEA: “Improving X-Men for Sustainable Growth”

Marketing at Marico SEA: “Improving X-Men for Sustainable Growth”
"Don't make a difference, don't expect different results". That is the statement of Mr. Tran Minh Hoang, Marketing Director at Marico SEA on the day of the launch of X-Men GO, once again attacking the challenging functional shampoo segment for men. The Marketing team at Marico SEA has been "empowered" to "improve the brand" of X-Men with differences, to be able to win over the "head" and "heart" of men for once. again?

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"Don't make a difference, don't expect different results". That is the statement of Mr. Tran Minh Hoang, Marketing Director at Marico SEA on the day of launching X-Men GO, once again attacking the challenging functional shampoo segment for men. The Marketing team at Marico SEA have been "empowered" to "rebrand" X-Men with differences, so that they can win over the "head" and "heart" of men for once. again?

Brands Vietnam had an interview with Mr. Hoang about the values of “empowerment”, “improvement”, “brand difference” at Marico SEA. Interested applicants can read more X-Men GO stories and vacancies at this.

Customer-centric and “Glo-cal” thinking

* We heard that Marico SEA has just launched the X-Men GO brand in the men's personal care industry, targeting the functional benefit segment. As the Marketing Manager of X-Men at Marico SEA, can you share the goal of this campaign?

X-Men GO was born based on Marico's "customer-centered" philosophy. We want to create a product that serves the current urgent needs of Vietnamese consumers in order to bring sustainable development to Marico.

The process of researching the needs of Asian consumers in general and Vietnamese people in particular has helped us better understand the problems they face with their hair, of which dandruff is just one of them. Because men are often exposed to 5 pollutants commonly found in hot and humid Asian countries: Dandruff, Dust, Car Smoke, Bacteria, and Sebum. This is explained by the hot and humid nature in Vietnam, the increasing pollution in big cities, the busyness of men, making scalp problems worse and affecting the skin. negative impact on their lives.

In addition, we capture the trend of current consumers preferring to use products with natural ingredients such as bamboo charcoal, mint, ginger, aloe vera, etc. adverse impact on the environment. This is considered a good trend and is popular in Vietnam and in the world today.

Once the above factors are understood, the Marketing team of Marico SEA takes them as the basis to launch the X-Men GO product "tailor-made" for Vietnamese men.

* To create a different X-Men GO, what philosophy is most important to the Marketing team?

We keep in mind that "If you don't make a difference, don't expect different results". What makes the difference is the "glo-cal" philosophy that Marico SEA brings to Vietnam. As a leading multinational corporation in Asia, Marico SEA empowers each country to develop brands with local strengths, but product quality, communication messages and production processes. Export must meet international standards. This allows Marico SEA's products to be competitive in the domestic market, and can be exported or replicated in countries with similar characteristics.

More specifically, the differences of X-Men GO in terms of product formula, packaging, and communication messages all meet Marico SEA's "glo-cal" standards and are being tested and developed in the Indian market before being developed. Vietnam for 6 months.

Difference from root to tip

* Why did the Marketing team decide to name the product X-Men GO? Is X-Men GO another version of the X-Men from the past?

X-Men GO is refreshed from every aspect, starting with the name X-Men GO!

“GO” is an English word that is not only simple and popular with young people, but also easily associated with “swimming” here and there to learn new things. The fact that we added the word GO to X-Men is to send a message to encourage young people, brave and strong men to go ahead and experience, live to the fullest.

X-Men GO is a completely new brand, with values of courage and willingness to face challenges, helping Vietnamese men to be confident on their journeys but still retain the image of a man. he was brave, strong of the X-Men back in the day.

* Where are the product's logo and packaging design ideas inspired and what does it mean?

The process of conceptualizing the X-Men GO logo and packaging is a breakthrough, satisfying two factors: on the one hand, it must be strong and angular of the X-Men man, on the other hand, it must be different from all others. existing product lines on the market.

After sifting through many options, we chose to design the X-Men GO logo with the word GO with an arrow showing the spirit of going forward, the bottle design has many strong angles to separate the product line. This function compares to the fragrance product line. Besides, the features are also designed according to typography, which is a favorite trend in the world.

* What is the difference between the product formula and the products of X-Men and competitors?

To be different in the formula, there must be a difference in the needs to be addressed. That is, it must be different from the original. Therefore, if the need is "cleansing dandruff", the formula will hardly be different. Therefore, we had to expand the definition of "dandruff-free" to "deep clean, anti-dandruff, detox".

Researching the needs of consumers has helped us better understand the problems they face with their hair, and dandruff is just one of them. Because men are often exposed to 5 pollutants (Dandruff, Dust, Car Smoke, Bacteria, Sebum). That is to say, in order to "cleanse dandruff", the hair needs to be removed from pollutants and toxins, while it still needs to be fragrant, clean, and soft. The concept of "detox shampoo" was born from there.

The beauty of the “detox” product idea is that it can be applied not only to shampoo, but also to cleansers and body washes, whereas if we just talk “dandruff” it can be applied to hair as well. . Thus, with a single product idea as “detox” we were able to consistently deliver a “functional benefit” difference not only to shampoos, but to many other product lines as well. Conversely, selling as a “detox kit” strengthens the claim of the functional benefits of X-Men GO, creating greater credibility.

In terms of formula, in order to tell the "detox" story, we require R&D to develop based on 2 criteria: natural ingredients and Vietnamese characteristics. After a lot of suggestions and research, finally “bamboo charcoal” was the chosen ingredient.

Simply because bamboo has long been a symbol of Vietnamese people, "bamboo charcoal" has great power to absorb dirt and purify, especially with the smallest dirt on the scalp, face and body. very suitable for the idea of "detox" of X-Men GO. We are confident that bamboo charcoal will do well in its "functional benefit" story.

* What about the media message, how is the advertising of X-Men GO different, while still retaining the characteristics that have created success in the past?

In the media, X-Men GO does not choose the "problem - solution" storytelling to talk about the product, but we choose the theme of "backpacking" of the new generation men who like adventure travel. and explore the world.

The “on the go” journey, which includes commuting to work and traveling, is when the body is easily exposed to pollutants, and so is the risk of dandruff, hair, facial skin, and body. but increase. Especially for men who like to conquer, travel and experience, these are very meaningful use occasions, they immediately see the relevance. With the "detox" feature of X-Men GO, we want men to be more confident and brave when on the road, assured of their masculinity thanks to the protection of X-Men GO, allowing young people to enjoy themselves. the ability to explore new lands without worrying about the harshness of the climate or the surrounding environment.

Finally, the image of the new X-Men GO man is now no longer associated with "rescuing beauty" or "rescuing the world", but a man "foggy, dusty and lifeless". " than. The trips of the X-Men GO man are different trips, not the type of travel to see the city or resort, but the type of adventure, committed to explore. Since then, the core values in the image of the X-Men GO man of "fight, masculinity, action" are still subtly conveyed but in a new story about adventure.

Thanks to that, we are confident that X-Men GO has created an image of a man that is different from the familiar "successful" or "sporty" male models of the opponent.

Empowered to “Own” and Engage

* Global-cal thinking, different approach, fresh message… What values at Marico SEA helped the Marketing team face the challenges to make these changes?

The good thing about Marico SEA is that we always receive clear direction and support from the Board of Directors. Because Marico has a culture of "empowerment" and "constant improvement". That advantage has helped the Marketing team to find unique insights that are suitable for the needs of Vietnamese men and make important decisions in the product development process.

The X-Men GO project has been launched since 2017 with careful preparation and has gone through many challenges to ensure the "glo-cal" standard. In particular, at Marico SEA, with the spirit of "build up - never give up" of all employees and the philosophy of "customer-centered" have made X-men GO different in order to direct Marico to the development of the company. sustainable development. Currently, the product has been launched and now also receives a lot of positive feedback from Vietnamese consumers.

* Thank you Sir!

Hanh Bach
Source: Brands Vietnam

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