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Website design hospital - clinic - dental - cosmetology design package for medical units to increase interaction ability to support patients and be a bridge to find partners and find investment sources to the hospital

Website design for hospitals, clinics, dentists, beauty salons is a specialized design service of JAYsoft to help the above medical facilities perform services to promote their image on the internet. As well as increase interaction with users.

A good medical website needs to ensure certain factors:

  • Visual
  • Interaction
  • Online booking appoinment
  • Collecting customer leads
  • Customer loyalty
  • Promotional events

Dr. Trung Nguyen



Nguyen Central

With the change of the website interface, our cosmetic clinic has improved the brand and attracted more users.



Professional website design for hospitals – Medical facilities? Is a specially designed website package for medical facilities, hospitals…With a source code built by the company that is optimized and highly secure, ensures medical units operate safely. effectively on the Internet.
1. Homepage
– Beautiful, professional homepage design, layout in logical and scientific sequence
– Design banner, logo, sologan… suitable for the field of hospitals, medical facilities.
– Display the overall image of the website.
– List the latest news, featured news on the homepage.
– Can display Video Clip introducing hospitals – medical facilities.
2. Introduction Module
– General introduction of hospitals and medical facilities.
– Introduction about hospitals, medical facilities, history of establishment and development.
– Introduce the development history of hospitals and medical facilities.
– Introduction to the organizational structure of hospitals and medical facilities.

3. Scientific research activities
– Doctoral thesis topic of the institute – medical facilities
– Training information, closing ceremony, training of institutions – medical facilities
– Display a list of medical scientific research works (descriptive images, preliminary introduction).
– Orientation, policy and development strategy of the institute – medical facility
– Planning and construction of institutes – medical facilities
– Planning of technical infrastructure of the institute – medical facilities
– Develop legal documents of the institute – medical facilities
– Standard research works of institutes – medical facilities
– List the detailed items of each project.
– Information about staff in charge and members of the research project.
4. Module news – events
– News on activities of the institute – medical facilities
– Specialized news of the institute – medical facilities
– News about domestic medicine
News about international medicine.
– Notice of the hospital – medical facilities
– Outstanding events of the institute – medical facilities
5. Medical Answering Module
– Page about learning about medicine
– Education and learning about sex
– Consult the price of drugs and medical services
- Information on drug suspension
6. Useful medical address module
– Directory of hospitals in the country, provinces and cities
– List of reputable medical addresses
7. Module on medical departments – medical rooms
– Cardiology
– Surgery
– Faculty of maxillofacial dentistry, orthopedics
– Department of Biochemistry
– Department of blood transfusion

8. Gallery Module
– Display the operation pictures of the institute – medical facilities
– Pictures of exchange activities with other units and other organizations.
– Photos Exchange programs with units in the same industry.
– Pictures of activities of organizations in the institute – medical facilities (Party, Youth Union, trade union…)
– Pictures of other programs and activities of the institute – medical facilities.
9. Search Module
– Allow searching by subject, article name.
– Search by keyword to get listed results.
– Some other search criteria.
10. Advertising Module
– Put banner, logo…advertisement for other units
– Place ads in banner, right, left, or other position as required
11. Contact Module
– Information page to directly contact the hospital – medical facilities
– Basic contact forms to receive visitor feedback
– Contact online support


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