Outfits for a successful job interview

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The right outfit for a successful job interview (By Alison Doyle)

Will you wear jeans, shorts, sneakers to appear in a job interview? Will you chew gum during the interview or come in with your clothes wrinkled? Wearing inappropriate or odd clothes to a job interview will increase the likelihood that you will lose your job. will be very high.

An interviewer's first impression is often a lasting one, so how you present yourself in an interview is very important. And while some outfits should and shouldn't (always, always stay away from denim), some guidelines can be more subtle. Read on to see how important it is to leave your first impression, and get tips on how to dress appropriately for job interviews.

Dress your best for an interview

Does it make a difference when you're dressing for an interview? In many cases, it really made a difference. I will never forget the man I interviewed for the accountant position. He's been out of work for a few months and wants to show me why. He took off his jacket, unbuttoned his shirt and began to pull down his pants (this is a true story) to show me the scar from a boat propeller that had injured him. He didn't get the job. And the case of not getting the job anymore was that of a young girl wearing a red dress so short and so short that she could hardly sit down!

In the conservative business environment I worked in at the time, appearance really mattered. But conversely, in other environments it doesn't matter. For example, dress for a summer job interview or a startup job interview to be less formal. However, it really makes sense when you know how to dress appropriately for an interview, regardless of the dress code at the company.

If you are in doubt or unsure about how to dress for an interview, contact the person who scheduled the interview and ask them directly.

According to Kim Zoller at Image Dynamics, the 55% your perception of others is based on how you look. So while you care less about your attire than your qualifications and experience, sometimes what you wear makes a difference in how the interviewer perceives you as a good candidate. is not. .

Zoller shared some tips on perfecting your best outfit, without necessarily spending a fortune. Here are the basics:
Professional interview attire for women
1. Solid colors, decent clothes
2. Jacket
3. Moderately high shoes
4.Limited Jewelry
5. Hair is neat, showing professionalism
6.Light or light yellow knitwear
7. Medium makeup and some perfume
8.Do your nails carefully
9. Profile folder


Professional interview attire for men
1. Solid colors, decent clothes
2.White long-sleeved shirt
3. Proper tie
4.Dark socks, work shoes
5.Restriction of jewelry
6. Hair neat, professional
7. A little conditioner after shaving
8. Neat nails
9. Profile folder

There are more ways to make sure you dress appropriately
As you can see, the instructions can be more complicated for women. The right interview attire for men is fairly straightforward, and the line between business casual and professional business attire is clearly demarcated. Along with choosing interview attire, women also have to style their hair and choose a bag that matches the interview.

Candidates of any gender should steer clear of denim – jeans are never a good choice for an interview. (There are many things you shouldn't wear to a job interview, like flip-flops and shorts.) In general, unless you're applying for a position in the fashion industry, it's best to avoid attracting attention. to your clothes. The best interview attire is clean, well-fitting, culturally appropriate, and unobtrusive. After your interview, you want people to talk about your experiences and ideas—not about your flashy tie, sparkly shoes, or tight pants.
Your outfit isn't the only part of how you present yourself in an interview.

Be sure to use deodorant, brush your teeth, and comb your hair. Bring mints if you can't brush your teeth before the interview (but make sure not to eat mints or chew gum during the conversation). Use fragrances, or scents – perfumes, and aftershaves – to a minimum.



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