The most effective method of evaluating candidates

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Evaluation of candidates after the interview is the final step in the recruitment process, so this step requires the employer to be very deliberate and careful in the screening process. To make things easier, employers can refer to some of the most effective candidate evaluation methods below.

Filter potential candidate profiles

This way will make it easier for you to compare and consider potential candidates. Mixing up successful and unsuccessful applications will take a lot of time to select, so to solve things faster, divide your resumes into clear groups and then conduct screening.

Make a questionnaire and score scale to evaluate candidates

In this way, you alone can select good candidates, when group meetings become difficult.

Here are the suggested questionnaires:

  • Are his gestures and demeanor pleasant and relaxed?
  • Did he make a good first impression?
  • Can that impression be retained through subsequent contacts?
  • Does he appear independent and confident?
  • Is he emotionally mature?
  • Will he dare to accept responsibility?
  • Does he dare to take on the challenge?
  • Is he hardworking?

  • Is he capable of leading?
  • Did he get along with his former colleagues?
  • Did he have a good attitude towards his former colleagues?
  • Is he making progress in successive jobs?
  • Is his previous experience of any value to us?
  • Is he smart in planning for the future?
  • Is he conscious of his strengths?
  • Is he conscious of his weaknesses?
  • Is he capable of career growth?
  • Does he accept constructive criticism?
  • Does he seem steady and independent?
  • Does he seem ambitious?

    When composing a set of questions, along with a scale for each sentence, when a candidate scores high on a set of questions, that is the candidate you are looking for.

Evaluate candidates through social networks

Since we live in the digital, social media age, it is not uncommon for companies to ask applicants for a handle on their Instagram or Twitter, as well as a link to a personal Facebook profile. . Recruiters will look at your social channels to get a better sense of your personality and gauge if there's anything that might not align with the company's culture and values.

Candidate's Attitude and Personality

It can be hard to find one person with the perfect personality for every job. The most important issue for the employer is to determine if the candidate's attitude and personality is suitable for the new job and working environment. To determine which attitudes and characteristics are appropriate for a particular job, businesses can conduct a job analysis test.

In order to choose a suitable candidate, the employer needs to understand the necessary requirements for that position, then evaluate the overall candidate from appearance, attitude to experience, recruiting is not as easy as it seems. many people still think. Therefore, to save time and material, businesses can come to headhunting centers like People Profilers, one of the leading companies in providing human resources for diverse industries. Just send us the criteria that businesses need in an employee, we are committed to bringing you the perfect candidate that best suits your business. Currently, People Profilers is one of the most prestigious talent management services

Southeast Asia, is the choice of many giants in the demand for high-level staff recruitment. At People Profilers, we have very strict standards for our recruitment team, from having a rich knowledge and understanding of the field in charge, and the ability to grasp and understand the needs and requirements of the recruitment team. Recruitment perspective of the client's business.

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