What is a sitemap in a website? and how to create a simple sitemap

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What is a sitemap in a website?

What is a sitemap in a website? let's JAYbranding This can be understood as a map system, including links to main pages and subpages shown in a clear and coherent way. The main job of the Sitemap is to guide the search engines to crawl the website correctly and effectively. Also update the changes on the website as you make any changes.

Sitemap does not have the effect of increasing the ranking of your website immediately, but it contributes to orient the search engines to easily access the website and evaluate the website more accurately.

The importance of sitemap in website

A website can still work, whether or not the sitemap is displayed, however, inside a website with a clear and detailed sitemap will bring more benefits to website users.

XML Site Map 820x324

A website with a clear and detailed sitemap will bring more benefits to website users

First, as mentioned, the sitemap in the website affects the SEO process of your website, it helps to tell Google that your website has SEO standards. For example, if you have a few articles on the website that are not (or long) indexed, the sitemap will be a tool to notify Google about this article, from which Google can index the articles more quickly. .

Letter Two, sitemap will be very useful for newly established websites. The reason is because new websites always have difficulty in indexing (have few backlinks pointing to), sitemap will notify Google on your behalf to Index your website.

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Sitemap in the website will notify Google on your behalf to index your website

TuesdayIn terms of users, the sitemap in the website helps visitors to shape and understand the structure of your website better and can access and find the information they need in the most accurate way. The more detailed the sitemap, the clearer the hierarchy, the higher the ability to attract and increase the user experience.

Instructions to create a sitemap in a simple website

With a regular basic website, you can apply the following ways to create a simple sitemap in your website:

Create sitemap with Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

To create a sitemap using Yoast SEO Plugin you need to install this Plugin before proceeding with the specific steps. After installing the Plugin, the sitemap creation function will automatically activate (You can go to SEO -> XML -> Sitemaps to double check, make sure XML Sitemap functionality edited Enable.)

Then choose XML sitemap to check if the sitemap on the website is working or not.

If you see a page like this, it means you have successfully created a sitemap.


Create sitemap directly on the Internet

– Web link is working
– Notepad++ to set Priority parameters for urls.
1 – Go to the website http://www.xml-sitemaps.com/  and fill in the appropriate parameters as required. Then click Start and wait for the system to work.
After running, you will receive a list of sitemap files, there are 4 important files as follows: ror.xml, sitemap.html and urllist.txt, sitemap.xml,
2 – Download the xml file
– Use Notepad ++ to open the sitemap.xml file to set the Priority parameters for the urls at your discretion. The Priority parameter shows the importance of the urls to the website, prioritizing the important Urls, the highest is 1.0 and the lowest is 0.10
3 – Upload the xml file to the website
4 – Go to Seo Google Webmaster Tools to update your sitemap.

What is a Sitemap 800x450

However, you should only use one of the above ways to create a sitemap in your website to avoid functional conflicts between the two plugins, affecting the operation of your website. Besides, if you are new to the website or do not have a sitemap, please pay attention to this issue.



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