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Creating a travel website with basic functions using wordpress is certainly not a difficult task. However, with the use of an open platform, businesses themselves will have many difficulties:

  1. Open source code is very difficult to secure especially with obscure plugins
  2. Making a website according to wordpress standards does not have the desired modules for the staff to operate.
  3. The website is not compatible with promotion through social networks or cannot manage the database of tour and reservation bookings.
  4. Difficult SEO operations due to interaction on open source code

Introducing website booking service and tour booking through JAYbranding's system with functions such as:

  1. Make tour reservations at the request of the administrator
  2. Manage tour bookings
  3. Tour content management with dynamic database
  4. Arrange Tours at the request of the administrator with repetition, discount, detailed customization…
  5. Easy duplication of tours and detailed repairs
  6. The system automatically contacts customers to update the tour making process

The system is compatible with all social platforms, social networks to easily spend and perform interactive management activities.
Watch the live demo here:
Notes when creating a travel service website:
Creating an existing travel website is not difficult, but there are a few points to keep in mind:

  1. It is necessary to create a website-specific database information source. In addition to the tour programs, it is necessary to add other factors such as travel tips, industry experience to enrich the database.
  2. The system should be designed to be SEO friendly with maximized URLs and accurate page titles that go deep into the content to be advertised.
  3. Continually engage with customers through comments both on social media and other sharable platforms.
  4. Create related media content such as videos, slideshows to diversify business marketing sources.

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