Top career skills in 2019

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Important Career Skills in 2019 (By Devashish Chakravarty)
Whether you're looking for a new job or still planning to stay at your old company, here are the methods you should embrace to change your workplace or develop your career for the better next year.

Have a knack for automation and data
Maybe your future manager will appreciate you more if you are knowledgeable and know how to use technology products well. The trend for every company in 2019 will be increased use of digital and automated vehicles, so you can leverage your technological capabilities to increase your opportunities even further.

Speak, Write, Present
According to LinkedIn's latest employment report, communication is what creates the skills gap between employees. Managers will greatly appreciate a team member who can perform well in communicating with other groups as well as the ability to write reports and present at a meeting. Therefore, investing in speaking skills, diplomatic skills is very important.

Run a group
If you want to grow faster in 2019, in addition to communicating better, you should also proactively help others on your team, regularly provide ideas to improve workflow, close contribute creations and execute them and bring out the best results for the team, which is very limited among the employees. Running a team is not easy, so managers always want to find someone with outstanding leadership ability to bring better work efficiency. Therefore, executive skills are what you should hone to develop more quickly at work


Product and process improvement
What makes your role more important is whether you participate in the creation of the product or have an opinion on how to improve the workflow for maximum efficiency, as well as bring many benefits to the company. So, creative thinking and process improvement are the two skills that will boost your career this year

Social media and web savvy
No company works without social media. Today, the Internet and other means of communication are very helpful in ensuring that a company's activities are known to as many people as possible. As a result, every company needs employees with basic social media skills and web savvy to stay ahead of the competition. If you are in sales, then you should leverage these skills to generate leads and increase sales. Or in other areas where you can take advantage of the Internet to exploit new ideas, this skill will help you work much faster and more creatively.

By Devashish Chakravarty (Founder and CEO at and


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