The most effective recruitment methods

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Recruiting personnel is an extremely important job, as an indispensable key in the operating cycle of an enterprise. If we choose good employees, it will bring many benefits to the company, but if we do not know how to screen candidates, it is easy to choose the wrong person, causing the company to waste a lot of time and effort in training. . Some personnel recruitment method The latter will bring more efficiency to the managers.

1.Build a specific recruitment process
Building a recruitment process will save us a lot of time and money, and also avoid unnecessary errors. The recruitment process plan will help us figure out what criteria this process needs to follow to get straight to the point, not rambling. For the recruitment process, it is necessary to be detailed from the standardization of the recruitment proposal form, the requirements for personnel, the regime, the implementation time and the time to complete the recruitment... Besides, it depends on each individual. position to build a suitable recruitment process, what interview rounds do position A personnel need, do they need to test IQ and EQ? Expertise will test like? To have the most effective way of recruiting personnel….

2. Ensure on schedule and on time
Recruitment needs to go as planned, so as not to affect the pace of the company. We need to consider the number of employees needed in each department to provide timely and complete recruitment news, always ensuring that the company avoids a shortage of personnel. In addition, this section should clearly understand the type of recruitment, specific requirements and detailed job description. This issue will greatly affect the quality of our recruitment and our personnel recruitment plan.

3.Determine recruitment method
This is recruitment method most effective personnel. In each company, businesses will have different recruitment methods, depending on the requirements, nature of work and position. We have typical methods after:

a) Internal recruitment
This recruitment method selects the main candidates who are existing employees in the company or uses people in the company to act as recruitment brokers. With this method of recruiting personnel, by using current human resources, employers do not have to waste time and costs for brokerage companies. However, we need to take into account the objective issue at work, how important is this position? What is the level of information security? Imagine managing a business filled with family and friends, it would be very complicated.

b) Recruitment through quality human resource training centers
Basically, if you look at it from a superficial perspective, this is a method of linking with colleges and universities, both advertising the business brand to students, saving costs and having an abundant labor source. However, in fact, this method is only for positions with staff training programs, internships, apprenticeships or as a source of human resources, but to gain experience or use immediately, this is not a way to recruit employees. good staffing. In addition, we can think of the option of linking up with some actual quality human resource training units to recruit more effectively.

c) Recruitment through 3rd party
In this method, the company needs to recruit personnel through private recruitment companies, human resource management consultants, etc. to get suitable candidates. Usually, this method is used to recruit people in senior management positions of the company, to ensure they have enough experience and ability. Our job is to find a reputable place to trust.
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