Dental Introduction Video Scenario Sample Scenario




Category: Interview ( Before & After receiving service, sample's experience )

Time: 2min 30s ~ 3min

Broadcasting: social platform, run ads

Filming location: 2 branches

Filming time: 2 days

Narration: Based on the content of the interview

specific content: Interview + Insert cut (Main service of dentistry: Braces combined with aesthetic restorations)


Location Content Note Illustrating images
District 2 1. Consultation scene between doctor and model

2. Treatment process

3. Porcelain crown making process

1. Sample entering the dentist / reception / receiving advice in the consultation room 1:1

2. Rotate in the treatment room, install porcelain crowns / rotate 3 -4 angles (doctor focus, sample focus, panorama)

3. Process of preparation and manufacturing (focus on materials / focus on hand made / focus on doctors)

Illustrating images
          Picture before applying the model's veneer              Shooting portraits Illustrating images
Doctor Interview _The doctor introduces himself and the main service of dentistry (1-3 questions)

_ Set 2 rotation angles

Illustrating images
Insert cut _Landscape/dental equipment facility (CT machine, dental chair, certificate) Illustrating images
District 7 1. Sample service experience interview 1. Set the camera to 2~3 angles

(The script has attached this file)

Illustrating images
After image of the model Shoot + Take a sample portrait (with background + white background) Illustrating images
Insert cut Landscape, facilities of the branch in District 7 Illustrating images


Notes: (*) Tone & mood: Luxury, modern / advanced technology






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