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Currently, the number of job seekers is very high compared to the number of jobs. Therefore, recruiters are very headache in selecting candidates. Their job is to choose the right candidate for the position, but without experience in this, it is easy to miss potential candidates and choose the wrong person. Therefore, employers must set for themselves clear criteria to follow to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Candidate's understanding
Employers need to understand the position they need to fill in order to be able to find a candidate that stands out among equally knowledgeable candidates. When recruiters with knowledge of that position will easily ask questions and give in-depth situations for candidates to handle, then the acumen and intelligence of potential candidates will be revealed.

Candidate's personal achievements
Create conditions for candidates to talk about themselves more, especially their success stories, how they did it and what goals they achieved at the previous company. Their strengths are reflected in how old jobs are, with candidates with a lot of experience they will quickly adapt, without spending much time and effort of the company.

Besides, if the candidate is recommended by former colleagues or leaders, it will be one of the potential candidates that the employer must consider. Through the nominator, the employer will easily exploit a lot and the most accurate information is the personality of that candidate.

Specific proof
You must create opportunities for candidates to demonstrate concretely what they can do to help make the job more effective. This is necessary, not just listening to them in general. To ensure accuracy, employers need to ask candidates to give detailed numbers or pictures of projects they have worked on.

If the resume is not good, is it a potential candidate?
There are candidates who won't have a perfect degree but their experience is truly world class. Therefore, now employers need to know how to exploit their work history, what difficulties they have been through and how they coped with difficulties.

It is the synchronicity from the CV, the profile to the candidate's answers to have a uniformity. Candidates must have relevant experience for the position, not sales experience, but wanting to work as a Marketing staff will make training more difficult.

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