Work hard or work smart?

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Quantity does not always equate to quality, when you extend your work time by overtime, increasing working time does not mean you will do the job well. Everyone has only 24 hours in a day, so how to get the job done better, work hard or work smart?

Build the habit of starting work every day

Many people find it very difficult to start work on a new day, they often waste a lot of time on useless things such as chatting, surfing facebook, etc. This sometimes takes up to an hour, affecting a lot. to work progress. To avoid this problem, you need to build your brain a mechanism to start work by practicing habits such as reading an article, a page of a book, drinking a cup of coffee or after listening to a song will start. work now.

Have a daily to-do list

Timetables and schedules are things that we often do when we are kids, it helps us to know what to do next based on that. The same goes for the to-do list, when we write down all the things we need to do, we will no longer have to spend a lot of time thinking about what to do next or missing out on things that need to be done. Every day, you just need to take out the list and do the work in order of priority, it will really help you manage your time very well.

Stay away from distractions

You will lose a lot of time as well as focus on things around such as TV, colleagues' stories, phone ... You must get in the habit of staying away from all distractions so that your mind can focus on doing. job. Don't turn on notifications for facebook they will make you check every now and then. Besides, when you want to focus, you should find a quiet office with a door latch to limit people in and out, and if you want to be creative, find a place with a cool, open space that can inspire. for work…

Don't do many things at once

There are many people who believe that doing many things at once will save time and bring efficiency. This is a completely wrong notion. When your brain has to handle many things at once, it gets damaged and can't focus on any one task fully. So don't try to be a multitasker. Instead, set yourself a reasonable amount of time to do only one task. Once you've solved the problem, you can give yourself a few minutes to rest, relax and get on with the next task.

Thinking about success

Mind, thinking is an important factor determining the quality of work. When working, employees themselves need to keep calm and constantly urge themselves to focus on the final work results. Nothing can stop you from achieving success.
Projects and plans often have many stages and tasks to be solved in sequence. Once you've worked through the small steps, you can reward yourself. This action instills confidence in yourself on the way to conquering the challenges ahead.

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