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Who we are & what we do?

Deposit Financing specializes in getting people into their next home effectively and efficiently. If you have a firm offer on your present home, we help you access your current equity to put a deposit down on your new home.

Why would I want this ?

Accessing equity in your home is hard to do as most mortgage lenders do not want to lend on listed properties. If you're lucky enough to find one who will, they will require a mortgage to be registered which will cost you about $1,000-$1,500, as well as taking about a week to get you the funds you need. We will get you the funds you need in under 24 hours, with no mortgage registration.

How did this come about ?

With decades of experience in the financial industry, we were seeing a constant trend of frustration around people transitioning from their current home to the next. Part of this frustration was coming from people trying to provide their deposit money without resorting to irrational and/or expensive methods. So we did what any logical observer would do, we found a solution.


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