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Over the past 3 years, we have been trusted and accompanied by customers in a variety of industries and business sizes, such as X-Men Brand, Saigon Co.op, SCB Bank, Vietbank, FECREDIT, Nguyen Kim, BM Windows...


why choose JAYBRANDING?


Take advantage of our resources with over 15 years of digital marketing experience with reasonable and optimal management costs for each business.


We simplify reporting to fit your project's goals, helping you manage more efficiently without the need to keep track of complex metrics.


With the advantage of being a production house, JAYbranding is capable of providing a full range of support services to make the campaign more complete such as design, video production, content creation, ....


You won't need to use a credit card to pay for an ad provider, which makes it difficult to explain to the tax authorities.



Make your website compatible with search engines, increase rankings in search results pages and increase organic traffic


Taking care of fan pages on social networks to increase customer interaction with the brand and company


Renting advertising accounts, setting up campaigns, tracking, and reporting on all channels such as: Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, TikTok Business, YouTube Ads, Zalo Ads ... help drive sales


Frequently asked questions

Currently, in order to ensure the interests of members, the advertising policies of providers such as Google, Facebook, or TikTok are very difficult and have many regulations, it will take time for an account to run ads. Activate and start paying money (workable).

After the campaign runs, it will reach the optimization stage. This is where JAYbranding's experience of running many campaigns will help you by advising you on "tips" or how to run effective campaigns.  

Online advertising also has the advantage of reporting, and often the data will flow in real time. For those of you who are inexperienced or new, it will be easy to fall into the maze of reporting data without knowing where to start, taking time to research. JAYbranding will support by setting up tracking reports that are most suitable for each campaign, for each audience such as digital marketing staff who want to track for optimization, or marketing directors who want to see results and evaluate.

Hiring an ad account will help shorten this process based on the agency's advertising history, and most importantly, help ensure the campaign runs. JAYbranding will learn and advise customers in many ways and choose the optimal solution.

Depending on the type of business, budget, audience, and goals, JAYbranding will advise you on the appropriate advertising channel. Currently, there are popular advertising channels such as:

  1. Google AdWords:

    This is the channel that is considered the easiest to use, the largest number of users, and the most flexible. You can take full control of your campaign with basic instructions or automatically let Google tailor your campaign to your goals.

  2. Facebook Ads:

    As a giant on social networks, with many optimal options for campaigns. However, this is currently the channel that causes the most difficulties in terms of campaign management and setup for advertisers. 

  3. TikTok Ads:

    If your customers are under the age of 30, this is a platform not to be missed, because of TikTok's explosive growth and user interaction time on this platform. TikTok also allows a variety of forms of advertising and management.

  4. Zalo Ads:

    With more than 64 million users in Vietnam, this is also a platform that should not be ignored. Zalo Ads allows a variety of advertising forms from images, official channels to videos, and if you want to build an effective customer care or re-marketing channel, this is also an option. worthy choice.

In addition to the main channels above, there are also YouTube Ads, Instagram Ads or Email Ads. Contact JAYbranding for detailed advice.

Advertising costs are definitely the top concern of businesses, and this is a competitive advantage of online advertising compared to traditional types of advertising, because this cost is completely under control. control of the advertiser and can be adjusted by the day, even by the hour. 

Currently, all advertising platforms use bidding, which means you can choose an acceptable price (depending on your budget) per ad display, per click, or each conversion from advertising to revenue or users. Bidding prices will vary by business sectors, platforms, and customers. 

Usually, the actual price you pay the supplier will not exceed this bid and may be even lower, meaning a higher value return at a cheaper price.

JAYbranding will research your business to offer a reasonable bid proposal. If it is set too low, your ad may not run. Otherwise, you may limit the total cost. 

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, or roughly translated as Search Engine Optimization. Currently, the habit of users (your customers) is still going online to search for information like looking up on Google. Google's way of operating is to display websites or results that Google considers "most relevant" to searchers in the first, most favorable positions, most easily "clicked" by customers. Each such visit means a revenue opportunity or a new user for the business.

SEO work, simply said, we "send the right signal" to Google, and let Google evaluate the website well and bring our website to the top - the front position whenever a customer searches for good information. keywords (keywords) related to products and services of the business.

What to do to send the right signal to Google is called optimal. 

How is SEO different from Online Advertising?

The most basic difference is in the evaluation of efficiency. If you do good SEO, the effectiveness will lie in whether the website shows up in high positions or improves its position in Google's natural search results. Normal optimization will take time, a website that wants to improve this position usually takes at least 6 months to 1 year, depending on the level of industry competition, and the investment in SEO (investment does not mean in terms of money). cost, but about keyword strategy, content strategy, combination of marketing and branding activities, and most importantly, website). Doing good SEO will result in a more impactful, long-lasting, and sustainable result.

Online advertising, also known as SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC (Pay Per Click), Paid Ads, etc. SEO is a sub-branch of SEM. This is paid advertising for advertising providers, such as Google (that's why some people still call it SEM - Search engine advertising), or Facebook, TikTok. This advertising often delivers quick, immediate results, but it also requires a specific plan with a clear goal.

SEO and Online Advertising are not actually opposites, or different, but necessary to complement each other. Good SEO can help save advertising costs later on or improve customer interactions with ads. Good SEM can accelerate SEO results because brand awareness is pervasive.



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