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The development path of a business has changed over the years. Today we have to be online, social media has taken its place in the picture and everything has become much more digital. Of course, some things remain the same. Logo design service is one of the essentials for your presence in the digital world.

Every brand needs to have values, beliefs and most importantly – stick with them and express them in every way possible. In terms of colors, social media channels, websites and logos. Everything around your business is a reflection of it. 

There are two things that customers see with a single glance regardless of whether we are talking about online or offline marketing – your name and your logo. 

So are books, so let's take an example. 

You are in a bookstore and you see a pink book cover with a picture of a flying heart and beautiful angel wings. The title is “I love you from the bottom of my heart” written in italic font. You wouldn't expect a Steven King novel, would you? You guessed it was a romance book, maybe poetry or something like that – definitely not a horror movie. 

When it comes to businesses, logos and names are the cover and header. So, if you are the owner of a construction company, you should not have a butterfly logo, as it will give a different impression to the viewers. And creating a false vision of your brand can be very important because it will confuse people a lot. 

So let's dive deeper into logo design and branding and discover everything you need to know about it.

The meaning of logo design and corporate brand identity the meaning of the company's logo design and brand identity

An easy definition of logo design is that logos are symbols made up of both text and images that help us identify a business. It's a way for your audience to understand your work, values, and ideas. 

Logo design is all about creating an important mark that represents your brand. There is a lot of psychology behind it because a logo “speaks” to the customer before anything else. It's not just about color for logo design as many people think. 

Well, of course, the color theme is an important part of it, but not the only one. This is why logo design is important – it not only creates a visual image, but also creates a full meaning that corresponds to your brand. 

The term “logo” itself comes from the Greek word “λόγος” and it means “word”. So while creating a logo for your brand, you are creating a visual word that people will use to identify you and your work. 

Almost every brand logo design, depending on its type, consists of an icon or trademark and a logotype, along with a tagline. 

Logo design service, strong logo.

It takes a lot of effort to create a strong and beautiful logo because it will be the basis for other marketing materials, such as stationery, packaging, brochures and signs, which will appear on the web. Your website, social media, etc. We might even call it your brand's profile picture.

And no one wants to be stuck with an unflattering profile picture for nearly a decade, right?

Let's say your company manufactures organic bio-cosmetic made from 100% of natural ingredients. Your logo should be simple and made with earth tones – because it reflects the simplicity of the ingredients and the power of nature. 

A sparkling, colorful logo creates great confusion among customers as it does not “speak” about organic or basic products. See our opinion on logo design and brand identity? 

The biggest benefit of having a great logo design is that it makes you stand out from the competition. This is the main function it has – distinguishing your brand from others that are growing in the same niche. 

Before thinking about logo design services and Branding , you have to test your competition – what do they choose, do they look good, and how do you want to set them apart?

Another benefit is that logos build brand recognition. You get a visual impact in people's heads and this creates associations in their minds. Think Nike or Puma – you don't have to look at the name to know which company it is. Looking at the logo is enough. 

Shapes and colors are much easier to process and remember than words. That's how to design logos and sets brand identity combine together. A well-designed logo will be easy to remember, helping customers remember the brand.

Logo design elements. 

We can't talk about a logo without mentioning it factors and the color. Now let's take a closer look at the factors you need to consider. 

Font. Words are an essential part of logo design. It can be just one letter, the entire brand name, or even a few words that represent the main idea/values of the company. The importance of logo design typography is huge. 

Picture. Different symbols or symbols are almost mandatory when it comes to logos. They can be made of any abstract geometric logo design element, form, mark or mark. It can even be a small dot or a line – it's still an image, even if it's not an image on its own. 

Background. We have mentioned that logos are part of almost every branding document, however, when considering a design, you have to think where it will be applied. Usually, logos are often put up online, on business cards, advertisements, etc., but if your business has some specific logo design and branding needs, you should think about it. 

Static or dynamic element. Having a static logo means having the same logo everywhere. On the other hand, a dynamic logo can change depending on the context in which it is put.

Color. Design a monochrome, multicolor or black and white logo – it all depends on how you imagine it and what it truly represents for your business. Let's dig deeper into the meaning of each color. 

Logo design colors

As you know, the meaning of colors has been very important for centuries. In the past, this was the easiest way to distinguish people from different classes. Today it is a way of saying. 

Color has a huge impact on human emotions and behavior, and if you choose the wrong one, you can give the wrong impression in everything – from flower bouquets to digital design services. 

This is why logo and color design techniques are so important – you can either attract customers or unfortunately achieve the opposite effect. We will now cover the six main colors and their meanings. 

Red. Of course, we have to start with red. At least because this is the first color your baby sees (except black and white). In our minds, red has always symbolized love, passion, anger, romance, and danger. This is a very strong and powerful color and a brave choice when it comes to logo design, whether used alone or as an accent color. 

It is also commonly used by food-related businesses because it stimulates the appetite. 

Yellow. Joyful, friendly, warm, youthful energy flows from that color. Depending on the different shades, it expresses different emotions – bright yellow is cheerful and bright, unlike the more weighty dark yellow.

It is important to note that often, customers do not view yellow as an association with maturity or luxury brand logo design. 

Green. This is the color of nature, growth, money, freshness and honestly, it can be used by any company. 


Blue. It symbolizes trust, maturity, peace, confidence, tranquility. This is a great color for a logo design but this is also why almost every logo is blue, so you get lost in the middle of it all. You will have to find a way to stand out! 

Blue is not a good choice only for food companies and restaurants because it suppresses your appetite, unlike red. 

Orange. Like yellow, this is a very playful, playful color, in addition it symbolizes innovation, creativity and ideas. But if you want a feminine or serious look, use caution, as orange does not evoke those traits for consumers.

Purple. Now we are talking luxury. Over the centuries, purple dyed clothes were so expensive that they were worn only by the wealthy, and today in logo design and branding services, they still remind us of luxury. important. 

No matter what color you choose, you should always think about how it will look like a black and white logo design. This is because color should complement your brand identity and give strength to your logo, but should not be an essential part. Your logo should be meaningful and easy to understand without any color. 

Custom logo design service – why? custom logo design why

Customization always pops up when we talk about logos, websites, etc. There is always the question “Should it be a template or custom made?”.

Let's make it clear – one custom logo design which means having a logo made specifically for your business. This means no other brand can have it – so it makes you unique, which is a huge plus. 

As the owner, you'll be involved in the custom logo design process – you'll discuss ideas, give some highlights about your business overall, and say how you envision it. about it. 

Then the designers will show you sketches, give some ideas, explain different logo design techniques and give expert opinion as as you know they have a unique look. different about everything. This is a great way to achieve exactly what you want and outshine the competition. 

Logos tell stories to a targeted audience. It has become a way to attract a lot of customers to a brand.

Logo design template.

Design a logo according to the template It's also not a bad choice, especially if you don't have enough budget for it. With a sample logo you won't be alone, because templates are used by a lot of different companies, no matter if we are talking about a logo or a website. 

Even if you change the colors, fonts, etc., it will still be an existing template. It will still represent your brand, but it may not accurately reflect your ideas. 

You have to be careful though! When you leave your logo to a professional custom logo design agency, don't be ashamed to express your opinion about it even if it means getting them to do it over and over again. again. 

Your logo is your profile picture, remember? 

The professional logo design services you need.Professional logo design

Logo design is a strategic tool that defines your business. It is not art, even if it looks like that sometimes because it is a visual object. That is why strategy should be implemented by people who really understand what is important and how to beat the competition. 

There shouldn't be any hidden meaning in logo design – everything needs to be communicated to the audience. It influenced our decisions and established instant brand recognition. Of course, when it's done well.

One logo designer know things you can't even think about – what's the difference between a real estate logo design and a store logo design. What would a logo design for a YouTube channel look like if you were trying to grow online? What is the minimum requirement of logo design? Is there any?

Even if you are confident that you have a keen eye for such intuitive things, you should still consult an expert. For example, for some logo designs, it is difficult to print on paper or costs too much and a professional logo designer knows that. Otherwise, you may end up paying more for promotional equipment than you would for a dealer. 

If you have remaining questions about logo design or anything related to marketing and business, don't hesitate to ask us. Just fill out the form at the end of the article and we'll tell you everything you need to know about it. 

Also, check out our services. You may be surprised and find exactly what you are looking for. 


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